Civil War?

Albany; Pittsburgh; San Joaquin; South Carolina; Florida, Central Florida, and Southwest Florida; Dallas and Fort Worth; Quincy and Springfield in Illinois; Western Kansas; and Rio Grande. Religion writers in or near any of these areas have a lot of work on their hands, as the Episcopalian bishop of each of these dioceses has joined the new Network of Anglican Communion Dioceses and Parishes. It’s a dissident breakaway group opposed to their denomination’s recent ordination of Bishop Gene V. Robinson of New Hampshire, the first openly gay bishop in the Anglican communion. The Network’s leader, Bishop Robert W. Duncan, Jr., of Pittsburgh, insists that they’re not seceding — rather, they’re waiting to be recognized as the true church. Semantics? Or theology in action? Laurie Goodstein reportsin The New York Times. And, from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette an earlier dispatch, by Steve Levin, from an area church, back in the days (just weeks ago) when rebel leader Bishop Duncan was declaring, “Let everything we do be done together.”

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