Witchvox is a sort of ecumenical forum for witches, heathen, and other pagans.

PanGaia is a quarterly magazine that’s equal parts theology and trend reports on developments within Paganism.

Why Wiccans Suck is, predictably, produced by a contrarian Wiccan who styles himself a sort of H.L. Mencken of a movement he can’t quite abandon.

Wicca For the Rest of Us bills itself as providing the “seeds of a countermovement” — not against Christianity, but for a more intellectually rigorous Paganism.

New Witch is a slick teen glossy with features such as “7 Steps to Joining a Coven” and “I roomed with a Muggle.”

Echoed Voices, dedicated to global Pagan news, is so worldly it offers Pagan stock quotes.

The Wiccan-Pagan Times is a book-centered Pagan news site.

Goat and Candle is an online newsletter that includes a fascinating “media guide” to help Pagans deal with the mainstream press, and a guide to Pagan chaplain programs for those interested in working in prisons and hospitals.

The Pomegranate is a peer-reviewed, scholarly Pagan journal. Currently being revamped, you can read old articles here.

Reclaiming Quarterly also doesn’t offer much editorial content online, but it does present good background resources, and it provides an entry into political Paganism at the organizing level.

Widdershins is a Pagan newspaper in the Northwest, devoted mostly to Pagan service journalism.

The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum is an active web community with a busy message board and tons of reviews, articles and editorials about paganism of every stripe.

The Troth: a national Heathen/Asatru non-profit religious organization that boasts Sci-Fi author Diana Paxson as a member.


Wild Hunt is a brand new pagan blog and already it outpagans most of what’s out there. Whatever that means. What we mean is that it looks promising as a source for smart commentary on a broad range of news, media, and ideas from a pagan perspective.

Starhawk is one of the matriarchs of modern Paganism, a leader in the anti-globalization movement, and a sharp media critic as well.

Pagan Thoughts is particularly strong on civil liberties issues.

Wren’s Nest is another good source for news on Pagan civil liberties issues.

Pagan Prattle
is angrier stuff by a thoroughly politicized Scottish Pagan.

Letter from Hardscrabble Creek is a Pagan blog kept by the editor of The Pomegranate (above), an academic scholar and experienced journalist.

The Pagan Federation is a very thorough British guide to respectable Paganism.

Isaac Bonewits was pivotal in the formation of several neopagan Druidic movements and keeps a large store of documents, articles and rants on his site.

Gerald Gardner is the founder of modern Witchcraft and this site is a tribute to his life and work.

Doreen Valiente. This site is dedicated to the memory of the Mother of Modern Witchcraft.

The Juggler is a collaborative blog that covers politics, culture and religion from a pagan perspective.

The Zero Boss: daily thoughts from a Pagan father of six. He also maintains a online “Book of Shadows” at Jay’s BOS.

Pagan Blogs is currently on hiatus, but has a backlog of highlights and reviews on the ever-growing population of pagan blogs on the Net.

Goddessing. Cosmology, consciousness, contrariness: down-to-earth musings of a goddess mystic.

MacRaven: “Musings, reflections, rants and comments from a Hoosier Heathen husband, father, grandfather, farmer and software engineer.”

Tim Boucher, Real-Life Occult Investigator, explains why the supernatural is really cool.

VoxLinksWitchvox’s extensive listing of pagan blog sites.

Blogroll The Revealer

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