Iviews offers Muslim news and analysis with a non-religious focus.

The Islamic Broadcasting Network offers live and archived radio shows discussing current events. is a British Muslim news and information site linked to the popular monthly magazine, Khilafah.

Islam Online is a daily news site focusing on political and social issues.

Islamicity is a helpful, multi-media site for those new to Islam.

Muslim News is a British news and opinion site.

Read Mirror is a New York-based Muslim weekly.

A True Word is a Muslim magazine for both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Kavkaz Center is an international news agency covering events in Chechnya and Russia.

Jihad Unspun is a slick, critical and militaristic site comparing news from mainstream and Islamic sources.

The Electronic Intifada offers news, commentary and analysis on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict from a Palestinian perspective.

Jerusalem.indymedia is Palestine’s independent media website.

Islamic Awakening offers news from the perspectives of the Taliban and Al-Quaeda.

Supporters of Shareeah is a partisan, fundamentalist site.

Wake Up Muslims discusses Qur’anic end-times prophesies as they relate to current events.

The Truth is an online book about the scientific “truths” of the Qur’an.

5% Nation of Islam

Islamic Human Rights Commission is a London-based activist site. is a comprehensive and progressive magazine and blog with news and commentary on politics, culture and spirituality.

Progressive Dawoodi-Bohras is a progressive Muslim site linking to The Bohra Chronicle.

Progressive Muslim Network is a politically-progressive email discussion group.

Think Halal is a Muslim group weblog with a young, hip-hop sensibility.

Al-Fatiha is a Washington-based community for gay Muslims.

Queer Jihad is a personal site discussing issues of homophobia in Islam.

The American Muslim is a scholarly, moderate quarterly journal.

Answering Islam is a Christian/Muslim dialogue.

Freethought Mecca, an antagonistic, comedic site, is well-versed in Islam and aims to offend.

Muslim Women’s League: an American group dedicated to promoting Islamic values and women’s equality.

Nation of Islam: the official American site.

Organization of the Islamic Conference: an inter-governmental organization grouping 56 Islamic states.

Islam, published in Qatar, offers a strong mix of moderate, mainstream Muslim perspectives, with an excellent worldwide news service.

Alt.Muslim has some of the best mottos in online publishing: “Member, axis of good”; “Color coded green by Tom Ridge”; “Fatwas pending.” It also has some of best commentary on Islam in the press.


Al Jadid is a smart review of Arab arts & culture, published in L.A.

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