Rant du Jour

Orion isn’t classified as a religion magazine, but it should be. Its mix of eco-notions and ideas, romanticization of the simple life, and assaults on the vulgarity of mass cult mark it as heir to The Dial, Ralph Waldo Emerson‘s journal of one of the major American faiths, transcendentalism. Then, as now, it is a spiritual practice for the affluent, educated, and very tasteful — which is to say, tone deaf to the wonders and delights of American Crass (not to mention class). Its online edition, however, features a “rant du jour,” and this one from James Howard Kuntsler could have been penned by Archie Bunker, had Arch gone to Sarah Lawrence. The Revealer offers it unto you as artifact of a spiritual blindness and, truth be told, as awful: The generally astute Kunstler rails against the loneliness of commercialized America as opposed to the gentle, authentic folkways of… the U.K.? Did this guy see Trainspotting? Probably not. Read, and do not try at home.

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