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1949: Spotlight on China

It is important that students learn to interpret and analyze from black and white documentary films as this prepares them for analytical skills whether they take a history test or do¬†general analysis on anything. I picked this video titled “Communist Takeover of China” because I want students to learn that 1949 was not only the year the Communist took over China but also to signify that after a century of suffering humiliation from Western Powers, China was once again a strong and united country again. I want students to learn why and how certain factors caused the Chinese Communists to win and expel the Nationalists from the country as this is what put China in the spotlight in global history since the world just entered the Cold War.



What is gravitational wave?

In the past few days, people keep talking about gravitational wave. But what exactly it is? What else should I know about it before I can completely understand it?
Suppose we are trying to teach a physical science class about the gravitational wave, the following video will be a quickly introduction of it before we can explore deeper into this area.
Here is a 3-minutes quickly explanation of gravitational wave.

Walls can be fun too…

Hey! We think that this would be a great video to show as a warm up to get students excited for class. The class would be on the structure of the city of Constantinople and important aspects of its architecture. So cool visuals that talk about fire and enemy armies trying to break into a city should get them excited about this fairly dull topic.

Thinking about the article that we read last class we thought that this video fits the modality effect.”modality effect: students understand a mulitmedia explanation better when the words are presented as narraion rather than as on-screen text” (Mayer and Moreno, 46).

By: MJ and Denzil