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Making a lesson for the first time

Last semester I had to make a lesson plan on my own..and it was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.

Choosing what to teach

Should we focus on cells and organelles? Cell respiration and photosynthesis? Food chains? Maybe global warming? There’s so many options I don’t know where to start!!






Finding the best resources

Where can I find extra materials that are instructional and informational–but also fun?!   Begging veteran teachers for help like…


Throwing out your plans anyway because nothing ever really goes as planned…

Teachers are really just improv actors anyway.




Assignment 3

Hey everyone!

Here I am including 3 GIFs I found. I chose the topic of Spanish language for this assignment and decided that I would choose 3 GIFs that show the diversity of the countries that speak Spanish. I find that when people think about Spanish-speaking countries they think they are all the same, and there’re not. This drives me crazy so I’m choosing to tell the story of diversity between Spanish-speaking countries.200-2 xsekG graphics-spain-108174

The Hobbit: an unexpected series of GIFs

In a series of GIFs, let me not only illustrate my love of The Hobbit, but also the likeness between ordinary folks and Bilbo.

At first, Bilbo was not about the adventure the dwarves and Gandalf were trying to convince him to participate in.


He wasn’t having any of it.


Except, he caves and ends up joining this motley crew as their resident burglar.

Whilst on the journey to the Lonely Mountain to defeat Smaug and reinstate Thorin to his ancestral seat, Bilbo runs into trolls, goblins, wargs, elves, skin changers, giant eagles, giant spiders,  and a sneaky little dude who, as fate would have it, becomes a key player in the destiny of Middle Earth: Gollum aka Smeagol.


As our rag tag group traverses through Middle Earth, they are not initially huge fans of one another. Thorin thinks Bilbo is annoying and a liability, and most of the party would agree with him.


However, Bilbo is not only a sly fox, but a true and loyal friend and gets everyone out of so many pickles, they would have been totally lost without him. In fact, if it wasn’t for Bilbo, his wits and his magic ring, I would argue that Smaug would never have been defeated; and then who knows what would have happened to the fate of Middle Earth.


The Hobbit is a story that is relatable to everyone. No matter how small, or insignificant you think you are, you can do great things. Think about all the amazing things Bilbo would have missed out on if he had just stayed in his cozy hobbit hole? I think the same can be said of any one of us; what might we be missing out on if we just play it safe and never push ourselves to see what we can achieve?



WWI in a gifset

So you’re probably wondering how this all got started

Anyway so Europe went through an industrial period and everyone started grabbing up weapons like candy

But then they realized with all these weapons everywhere who can they trust

So they started making a bunch of secret treaties with each other so they could be safe

However, these secret alliances set everybody up so that if one of them went to war, everyone went to war

Serbia, the unsuspecting powder keg of the War was a newly freed independent state after the Ottoman Empire Fell

Until Austria-Hungary decided they wanted it as a part of their empire

But Serbia appealed to Russia, claiming that they were the same ethnic group and should be loyal

Then a nationalist group assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand on his visit to Serbia

So naturally Austria-Hungary called up their best friend Germany to have a chat about Serbia

But because of all the alliances, England, France, Italy, what was left of the Ottoman Empire, and even Japan got involved

Russia ended up checking out early because of their Revolution

Then the US came in with new supplies and troops while everyone else was tired out

The Germans and their allies surrendered a year afterward and the war was over

But Britain, France, the US, Japan, and Russia had a few requests of Germany after the war.

The reparations Germany were forced to pay the winners of the war went on until only a few years ago.

Their resentment and poor economic situation as a result fed into what would be WWII

How To Commute From New Jersey

My name is Jen Memmolo, and I am a commuter. I’ve been commuting from NJ to NYC for almost my entire life, having grown up only in a suburb less than an hour away via train. While I’ve dipped my toe in the overpriced, overcrowded real estate market from time to time, I’m currently living my best life in Hoboken…and my best life still has a serious commute. Here’s how it works.

1. Wake up in a state of panic and check my phone for any mass transit delays before leaving bed.






2. Run to the bus! (Doesn’t matter what time I leave; I am always running to a bus.)

3. Fish through my purse for something to read.

4. Avoid making eye contact with anyone else on the bus, especially since there’s a chance we went to high school together.

5. Try very hard to relax and savor the last few moments before work.

6. Realize there is nothing relaxing about going through a tunnel that never ends.

7. Halfway through the tunnel, when you don’t have service, check your watch and feed your anxiety just a little bit more!

8. The tunnel ends! You have been saved by your hero bus driver.

9. Fly into the regular workforce abyss a bit scarred, a bit rattled, but most importantly- there.

My Struggles

These are the daily struggles I go through every single day…

  1. What level of swag should I leave the house with?




2. How to properly shrug off the haters



3. How to act when my students when my students need help on a friday after-school before vacation?






I can achieve a perfect semester

When I first started NYU Steinhardt last semester as my first semester at graduate school, I was really nervous and excited as I paid a huge tuition for getting an education and wanted to make it worth the trouble.

I was working part time at a restaurant and my parents demanded that I quit so that I can focus on school full-time. I did not want to leave my job because I wanted to work there for at least a year before leaving.

tv 90s fresh prince of bel air uncle phil favourite character

However, I was able to convince my parents to let me work weekends so I could devote time to my studies.

tv television reaction yes thumbs up

It was challenging at first but I gradually settled and was able to balance both work and school, resulting in both academic progress and consistent employment performance.

disney fight china mulan fairytale


By the end of the semester, I achieved a 4.0 GPA and still held onto my job.

celebration unimpressed confused victory


I Can Definitely Live Without My Parents… Or Not

Last year, I had the opportunity to study abroad in London! This was a huge step for me because I commute to NYU which means I live at home and additionally, this was my first time taking an airplane. Navigating this new landscape for the first week was a little rough, but here’s my story in GIF form of my first week living without my parents in London:

  1. DAY ONE: Getting from the Airport to the dorm: Which way is the exit? Where do I get my luggage? How do I catch a taxi? At this point, I just want to hop on the plane and head straight back to America.


  1. 2. DAY TWO: Trying to figure out a cell phone plan: Cell phone service is a must. Wait, what are my plan options again? How do I pay for these things? I wish I could just call up my parents, BUT I CAN’T BECAUSE THEY’RE IN NEW YORK.


  1. DAY THREE: Navigating cooking for myself: Since I ate takeout for the past two days, time to try to make a meal without poisoning myself. This shouldn’t be too hard, but wait how do you know when the pasta is done?


4. DAY FOUR-FIVE: I miss my dog: Do my parents tell her I’m away? Does she hate me because I left? I MISS MY CUDDLE BUDDY (more than anyone in my family but don’t tell them that).


5. DAY SIX: How do I work this magical device called a wash machine?: My mom usually does my laundry, I have no idea how to do it. Do I separate my whites and colors? How much detergent do I put? Time to Skype mom and she can definitely help.


6. DAY SEVEN: Survived my first week: Maybe this living in London without my parents isn’t so bad after all!


Grammar in GIFS

At the moment we have Grammar Thursdays in the classroom I’m working in.  Lessons come with candy.  This Grammar lesson comes with gifs.


Let’s start with Their vs. They’re



Easy right?  Works the same for Your and You’re.  Spot the mistake:


Just one way to get YOUR grammar right.  YOU’RE welcome 😉