My GIF assignment is about learning a language. My experience learning German last semester inspired this GIF story.

1. Learning a language can be scary. I remember the first day of German class… I understood nothing.







2. BUT, my teacher was incredibly fun and encouraging. From day one, we got down to business! Her positivity carried the class throughout the semester and I’ll never forget the energy she delivered every session.
3. Everyday, we went over grammatical rules, slang, vocabulary… EVERYTHING there is to learning a language.










4. When we made mistakes, our teacher helped us back up. She assured us that mistakes are made to learn from, not dwell over.


5. Along with making mistakes, the class had to prepare to make AND take the time to practice. “Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day” – A.A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh dude).


Most importantly, our teacher made every lesson enjoyable and exciting! This made the class and work seem less tedious and more like learning German for fun 🙂

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