Two great game for educational use

Sorry for not join you at the final classes. Instead, I want to introduce two great mini game, which I consider can be digital tools that support education.

<Twelve a Dozen>


Twelve a Dozen is a mathematic puzzle game designed by Bossa Studio. In the game, player needs to solve several puzzles using knowledge of arithmetic.

In the game’s setting, there is a strange town called Dozenopolis, which is a part of micro-world in computer. The town has been attacked, thus player needs to rescue his family and save the town. Player operates a little digital character called “12”. During the adventure, player will encounter different numbers, with which users can solve math puzzle with simply calculating including add, minus, multiply and divide.

The target audience of this game is children aged around 10-14, so the graphic design is adorable to attract the audience. It provides a great way for children to be familiar with the arithmetic and use is skillfully in life.

Check the game walk-through below.




It is an amazing independent game on steam, and draw a huge amount of attention even though it still on it Alpha edition. The background of this game is related to war and fighting, however the graphic design of it is bright and neat.

The mission is to create battering ram to destroy target construction, and the most wonderful part of the game is freedom of the creation. You can user many different mechanical components to create their idea ram and the space is all yours.

The game use great physical engine to simulate real-world environment. Player can test their thought in game and even create some objects that are even not related to the missions. Image what kids can explore and create in this game world. It will be a great way for them to perceive the knowledge of how a machine works.

Here are some amazing objects that create by players.




Pokemon and Me

Oh god, another pokemon post…can she really think of nothing better to write?

Let me tell you, I tried to think of something better, but my 23rd birthday just passed, marking the 20th anniversary of the original release date of Pokemon. Yes, my birthday is on Pokemon Day.

I couldn’t ask for a better holiday to be born on. People born on or around Christmas tend to have their birthday gifts combined with their Christmas gifts, while any other holiday like Easter, Halloween, or Thanksgiving feels your special day is getting overshadowed by the celebration around you. I honestly did not realize the relationship my birthday had with pokemon until just before my 16th birthday. As a result, my “sweet sixteen” involved a pikachu cake and a friend of mine coming to my party dressed as pikachu (she almost got us all kicked out of the hotel we were staying at actually).

My friends all at one point or another have enjoyed pokemon, although some earlier and some later than others. One friend in particular had a very interesting experience. Involving Tinder, surfing, and Pikachu.

Now, those things may sound very different, but this story is 100% legit. I’ll even provide photos of the results, which are of course completely g rated.

My friend, Courtney has always wanted a rare surfing pikachu that could be unlocked through connecting the original gameboy color Pokemon Yellow game to Pokemon Colosseum on the Nintendo 64 through a complicated process that I am unfamiliar with (nor do I really feel like looking it up). She couldn’t figure it out as a child and now that she has the skills to google the method she does not have the N64. On my birthday (AKA the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon) the Pokemon Center in Tokyo, Japan was giving away a digital copy of surfing pikachu with purchases from their store.

My friend was both excited and dismayed to say the least, she ranted to me and my other friend, Anne about how sad she was they weren’t doing the same here. (US got a different rare pokemon, Mew)

Anne, being an oddly logical person, decided to try and see if she could get a code for Courtney from someone in Japan. She then used a mod on her phone to fake the GPS out so it read that she was in Tokyo and proceeded to convince people on Japanese Tinder to send her the code.

After getting matched with her ex-boyfriend and his friend who happened to be in Japan at that time, she found a guy who was curious enough. He actually offered to purchase something from the store for her and give her the code.

Not only did he deliver, they got a whole gift box.

Needless to say, pokemon has a special place in my heart for bringing people together.

What I’m Passionate About

Hey everyone!

Because I missed a class, I was given the assignment to write about something I’m passionate about so here it goes:

I am really passionate about ending violence. For the three and a half years I’ve been working at an organization called the Joyful Heart Foundation. Joyful Heart was started in 2004 by Law & Order: Special Victims Unit actress Mariska Hargitay. When Mariska began her research for her role as a Special Victims Unit detective, she couldn’t believe the statistics on sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. Then after starting her role, she began receiving hundreds of letters from fans who were disclosing their personal stories with abuse. Her answer was to start the Joyful Heart Foundation. The Joyful Heart’s mission is to heal, educate and empower survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse and to shed light into the darkness that surrounds these issues.

I first began my work there the summer after freshman year. I needed something to do during the summer and had always spent a lot of time volunteering. The volunteering and non-profit work I had done before always benefitted people internationally and I thought it might be interesting to do something that really effects everyone including people I know. When I made this decision, I honestly had no idea how prevalent violence is. 1 in 3 women will be abused at one point in their lifetime, whether it be sexually, physically, emotionally or financially. 1 in 6 men will be sexually assaulted before the age of 18. How is this possible? I just couldn’t understand how something like this was happening and not everyone was freaking out and trying to get involved. I still don’t fully understand why stories like this are not at the forefront of the news. That was the first shock that I had when I started working at Joyful Heart. Shortly after this, that shock turned into disgust for how society tends to treat survivors. There is a major misplace of blame on victims of violence: why did she stay with him; how could she let that happen; what was she wearing; men can’t be abused; she was hot, he wanted it. All of these are excuses that perpetuate a culture that accepts violence and it needs to stop.

One of the major projects that Joyful Heart is involved with is the No More Campaign. The No More Campaign works to end domestic violence and sexual assault. Maybe one of you has seen the symbol or one of our PSA’s (public service announcements)? It’s the symbol of a blue donut that promotes a unifying symbol to end domestic violence and sexual assault. Just like the pink ribbon for breast cancer makes you think of a finding a cure for breast cancer, the No More symbol is supposed to do the same with putting an end to domestic violence and sexual assault. A few years ago, Joyful Heart got a courageous group of celebrity advocates to put their voices together and create the first No More PSAs. The PSA included Mariska’s fellow Law & Order: SVU cast mates and advocates Courtney Cox, Katie Couric, Blair Underwood, Debra Messing, and Peter Hermann. There are print ads as well as video ads. Here are some of my favorite print ads below. I’ll be posting another video further below, but you can find all the No More Campaign videos here.


DebraMessing_NOMORE_PSA_PrintAd_9_17_13BlairUnderwood KATIE-NoMore_031314_WHYDIDNTHETELLANYONE  ChrisMeloni_NOMORE_PSA_PrintAd_9_17_13























To take it a step further, the No More Campaign and Joyful Heart released another set of PSAs this time including football players. Players such as Mark Herzlich, Troy Vincent and Eli Manning were involved. Their involvement made the movement that much more powerful as what society viewed as the “strong manly men” and the men many look up to, chose to speak out against violence. The NFL agreed then to air the PSA spots, during every NFL game and have included a No More Campaign commercial in the last two Super Bowls. You can find the video below and more videos and printed ads here.



There is so much other important work that Joyful Heart does in their programs of healing and wellness, policy and advocacy and education and awareness. Their vision for a future without violence is revolutionary and all their hard work is truly inspiring. I consider myself to lucky to be apart of it. For more information on the Joyful Heart and their programs, please visit their website.

Spanish + Technology Learning Segment

Since my major is foreign language education, this will be a mini unit/ final project for a high school Spanish class that incorporates technology. This mini unit/ final project can be used in many different ways and levels, but for the purpose of this specific final project, my students are at a high school Spanish 3 level. I ended up getting a little excited about this, so I made a learning segment instead of a single lesson plan. I also wrote this as an “I will…” because I am thinking of maybe doing something similar in my own classroom. 

My class will be pairing up with students from a school in Spain and exchanging posts. Instead of pen pals by paper like I did as a student, my students would each be assigned a student (per my and their teacher’s choices) and they would write on each other’s walls exchanging not only posts about their life, but pictures, video clips and anything. The point is for the students to take their Spanish outside of the classroom and into the real world. At the same time, the students in Spain, will be writing from their English class to practice their English.

To view my learning segment please click here.


Lesson Plan: Looking at the Difference Between Media Events and News

I am not yet a teacher, but if/when I do join the teaching brigade, I would love to be a media arts teacher, though I am not entirely sure how what I teach works into the Common Core standards. (I need a bit more research in that area.) That being said, this is my first attempt at a lesson plan, and I have to say—I have even more respect for my teacher friends after putting this together. It is TOUGH. You’re thinking about a lesson from every possible perspective to make sure the assignment lines up with what’s being taught, and the impact it has on the overall curriculum.

My lesson is about the difference between media events and news. Basically, a media event is news created by media outlets in order to fill up space on a website/keep the 24-hour news cycle going and flowing. This is why Kim Kardashian sometimes ends up sharing the front page of the Huffington Post with President Obama—it’s news generated for pageviews and clicks, and not necessarily because it’s “news.” News is pertinent information regarding current events, economy, politics…stories that have a direct impact on how and why our lives are the way they are. News stories are about dismantling and critiquing societal structures. You could argue Kim K. is a societal structure (I mean, she IS everywhere), but she doesn’t have the same impact on our lives as the value of the dollar or the upcoming election. Hopefully this lesson will leave teens with a strong understanding of how easy it is for media events to disguise themselves as news.

Reporting Current Events in Earth Science

This 40 minute lesson plan is a snap-shot of a 6-week final project that students in my hypothetical 12th grade Earth Science Class will complete, in lieu of state testing. The final project will have students take on the role of an Earth Science journalist, who will report on a current topic of interest in the field by designing and creating a podcast  (to be done in groups of 3) and a scientific write up (to be done individually) to summarize their findings.

This lesson plan aims to familiarize students with podcasts and introduce them to the online resource we will use to help create our podcasts, Podcast Garden.  This lesson will take place during the second week of the project, after students have brainstormed what they will be writing about.






Irony Lesson using Twine

I recently taught a lesson on irony to the 10th grade girls I’m currently student teaching. I think that some of them definitely got it, and others not so much. I think part of where that lesson went awry was that they weren’t given an opportunity to try and experiment using irony themselves. So, for this lesson, I provided the space for students to use irony themselves in their own creative works using Twine. Here is the link to my lesson, let me know what you think!