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Inside NYU’s Guarini Center on Environmental, Energy, and Land Use Law

Are you interested in environmental law or policy? In a special interview with Danielle Spiegel-Feld, the Executive Director and an Adjunct Law Professor of the Guarini Center on Environmental, Energy, and Land Use Law, I got the inside scoop on environmental policies, how the NYU community can get involved at the Guarini Center, environmental policies under the current administration, what Danielle’s days look like, and much more. Why didn’t New York City ban plastic bags? You’ll have to keep reading to find out! 

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Design and Sustainability: An NYU Alumna Spotlight

Wendy Barnes who received her Master’s in Real Estate Development from NYU’s Schack Institute of Real Estate in 2007 explains to current students, “If you are not sure where you are headed, hold on and stay positive- building a career can be a wildly rewarding ride!” A passion in wildlife conservation sparked by her Master’s thesis at NYU, Barnes dives into her creative career path that led her to start a business with sustainability at its core. 

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Microplastics and the Fashion Industry: insights from leading NGOs

For Plastic Free July, the #NYUGreen team has primarily focused on reducing our single-use plastics and supplementing them with accessible alternatives. But as Plastic Free July comes to a close, we want to address other products that can contribute to microplastics and you might just be wearing them!  Read more

Why Ayana Johnson’s Educating for Sustainability talk blew my mind

Photo by Jenny Levine

On April 2nd, 120 students, faculty and curious New Yorkers alike filled into Kimmel to hear Educating for Sustainability’s 2018 speaker, Dr. Ayana Johnson. I wrote a Women’s (Green) History Month spotlight about Dr. Johnson, so I already knew she was an impressive individual, but her talk kind of blew my mind.

Many of the people in the audience were interested in topics of sustainability and ocean conservation, but we all had something to learn from Dr. Johnson’s pioneering work. 

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