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Sustainability Working Group Update: Explore the Initiatives!

In Fall 2018, a Sustainability Working Group of over 50 students, faculty, and administrators from across NYU’s global network came together to determine meaningful and achievable new sustainability initiatives that NYU could implement in the short term. 

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The NYUGREeN Room Pledge: Actions to Reduce your Carbon Footprint at Home

This year, over 800 NYU students living on campus completed the Green Room Pledge organized by the NYU EcoReps. Below are the actions they pledged to or already take to live more sustainably in on-campus housing. Even those who don’t live in an NYU residence hall can lower their carbon footprint and live more sustainably through these actions.

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EarthMatters Attends PLAN’s Students for Zero Waste Conference

For the second year in a row, me and some of my fellow EarthMatters executive board members attended the fifth annual Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN)’s Students for Zero Waste Conference at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. PLAN’s mission is to supply college students with resources to help their campuses go zero waste. Environmental and climate justice were major themes at this years conference with a specific emphasis on points of interventionRead more


Can Chocolate Be Sustainable?

Today, the demand for chocolate continues to rise while the effects of climate change threaten to impact chocolate production. Chocolate is sweet, but what about its environment impact?

Cacao production was predominately in West Africa, however, it has expanded to South America to keep up with the market. Some research suggests that cacao farmers clear tropical forests to plant new cacao trees rather than reusing previously used land, becoming one of the leading causes of deforestation. 

A study in 2012 investigated the effects of deforestation and found that their sample cacao plantation could store approximately 40 metric tons of carbon per hectare over its production lifetime! The World Resource Institute did the math and if you apply this to a 2,000 hectare planation–YIKES! The net carbon emissions from land-use change will be 0.6 million metric tons (more than 660,000 tons) of carbon dioxide.

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