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Sustainability Working Group Update: Explore the Initiatives!

In Fall 2018, a Sustainability Working Group of over 50 students, faculty, and administrators from across NYU’s global network came together to determine meaningful and achievable new sustainability initiatives that NYU could implement in the short term. 

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Weekend getaways just a train ride away from NYC

Straight out of fairy tale, this is actually a power house for Boldt Castle on Heart Island, NY

It’s no secret Americans love vacations, in 2016 almost 67 million citizens traveled outside the country and 5,877 million gallons were used that year to fuel our international travel frenzy.

We all live and love everything NYC, but sometimes we need to get a breath full of fresh air. Before the fall semester starts and for the sake of saving gas and money, check out some of New York’s vacation hotspots- all accessible by public transport from NYC.

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Sustainability in Sydney: First Impressions

My taxi rolled up to the curb a few buildings away from 83 Quay in Haymarket, Sydney Australia. Still disoriented from the 13 hour and 45 minute flight from SFO, the damp 95 degree heat and the dizzying ride on the left side of the road, I walked into the Urbanest Student Accommodation— an apartment style building for students from US universities like NYU studying abroad as well as students studying at nearby Sydney universities. I was greeted by a very friendly combination of Urbanest and NYU Sydney staff… and all the disposable plastic water bottles my heart desired. Although my reusable NYUGREeN water bottle had only a sip of warm water left in it, I resisted the urge to take the chilled plastic bottles I was offered each time it became obvious that the foreign heat was taking a toll on me.

Plastic and waste

bins at Bondi beachWhen I finally got up to my room, I found that there was yet another plastic water bottle sitting on my desk.The mop bucket was the best I could do without a real recycling bin in the kitchen. There was no information about recycling in the building or any signs indicating nearby bins. I found out shortly after that there is in fact a recycling bin in the building, but without any encouragement from the staff or general information about recycling in the building along with the single waste bin in each kitchen, it seems unlikely that recycling is regular behavior at Urbanest. At the Science House, where classes are held, there are clearly marked trash and recycling bins in the Student Center, however, they aren’t advertised during orientation. Read more

NYU Sustainability 2016 #YearinReview

Here are some of NYU Sustainability’s major accomplishments in 2016!

unplugged2016Residence Halls Conserve Energy for NYUnplugged
In February, 17 Residence Halls competed in the NYUnplugged energy reduction challenge. Lipton Hall not only saved the most energy but also brought the most awareness to energy conservation through events and social media, securing their spot in first place!

Student, Faculty & Staff Collaborate
In March members of the Sustainability Task Force (STF) submitted a proposal to Governor Cuomo’s REV Campus Challenge, which called for New York State colleges and universities to develop clean energy plans for a chance to win $1 million for support in implementation. NYU was nationally recognized as a competition “Leader” and a “First Mover” for joining the competition in its first 6 months. The effort brought together a diverse group of individuals, who developed a proposal for an anaerobic digester at NYU. Additionally, throughout the Fall, an STF working group collaborated on a Sustainability Indicator Survey to question the NYU community on their attitudes towards sustainability. The survey is in queue for release.   Read more

Carbon Offsetting my Winter Break

by Solange Fortenbach

carbon footprintOur carbon footprint is a measurement of the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere from the activities we perform in our day-to-day lives, such as driving, turning on the lights, or flying in a plane. Our carbon footprints can be offset through activities that minimize or divert carbon dioxide.

During winter break, between flying back to my home state of California, purchasing gifts and decorations for the holiday, and cooking elaborate meals with my family, I know my carbon footprint with likely increase significantly. To offset these carbon emissions, I’m going to change my routine a bit. This is the list I’ve come up with to offset my carbon this break: Read more