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Microplastics and the Fashion Industry: insights from leading NGOs

For Plastic Free July, the #NYUGreen team has primarily focused on reducing our single-use plastics and supplementing them with accessible alternatives. But as Plastic Free July comes to a close, we want to address other products that can contribute to microplastics and you might just be wearing them!  Read more

It’s Plastic Free July!

by Delaney Baxter Martin and Aryn Aiken

It’s hard to believe how quickly the summer is flying by. July is starting in a few days, which means Plastic Free July is starting, too.

What is Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July was started as a local initiative in Perth, Australia, but has now grown into an international nonprofit organization. Every July, they run a challenge to encourage participants to refuse unnecessary plastic, to reflect on their impact on the environment, and to connect with other participants in their community and around the globe. Challengers will ditch common single-use items like bags, bottles, straws, and coffee cups, avoid plastic packaging, or go completely plastic free.

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