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Green things to do in NYC in January

Whether you’re staying on campus for January term or visiting for the weekend, there are plenty of green ways to spend your time in NYC.


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Brooklyn Winter Flea

Brooklyn Flea gathers some of NYC’s finest artists and clothing collectors to sell sustainable products. If you have last minute holiday shopping or just want to treat yourself for the new year, Brooklyn Flea is a NYC favorite.



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Best environmental films to watch over break

2017 was a great year for films. We got a million different Marvel movies, another Star Wars and finally a Wonder Woman. Besides blockbusters, some of the best documentaries about sustainability were made by passionate environmentalists like Al Gore. So when it’s family movie time, instead of watching Love Actually for the 10th year in a row, why don’t you try one of these fabulous new docs?

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What the Health

The controversial film was released earlier in the year made people consider adopting a vegan lifestyle. The documentarian explored links between a meat- and dairy-heavy diet and serious diseases like obesity and diabetes. Some have argued that they may have stretched the truth. You’ll have to watch for yourself and decide what’s the truth.

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Eco-friendly gifts to give during the holiday season

Contributed by Alesha Bradford

It’s the holiday season once again, which marks a time of giving to loved ones and those in need. Perhaps you’ve practiced an environmentally conscious lifestyle for some time now, or maybe you’ve just started the journey!

For the old and new, these are some green gift ideas to give or do that’ll get everyone in the sustainable-spirit and start the next year on a green note.

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Buy gifts from a sustainable source

If you’re willing to do some research, buying a gift from a sustainable source is a great way to support eco-friendly companies. To find out about a company’s practices, you can look on their “FAQ” page on their website, check their product descriptions or even contact a representative if you’re still unsure. Asking these questions not only encourages informed consumerism, but will also lead to companies making this information more accessible to the public so they can more easily make environmentally-conscious shopping decisions.

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How to Green your Halloween

Halloween is a holiday dedicated to ca pumpkins and candy comas, but what happens to all the squash and sugar on November 1st? Over 1 billion pounds of pumpkin are produced during the Halloween season, the vast majority end up rotting in the landfill. And the sweet stuff? Americans buy 600 million pounds of candy a year with that hard-to-recycle wrapper.

I know I want to reduce my waste for Zero Waste Month, and if you do too you might want to take a tip or two from what I scoured on the waste-free web.

Graphic by Katherine Facchini

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