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How would you make NYU the greenest urban campus? Share. Discuss. Vote.

by Cecil Scheib, Assistant Vice President for Sustainability

Sustainability at NYU. Share. Discuss. Vote.

NYU is aspiring to be among the greenest urban campuses in the nation. And we need your help.

How could you better incorporate sustainability into your learning, teaching, and research? What internships or employee training programs would help you grow? How might we lower our environmental impact from food to energy use? What would you like to see throughout the Global Network? Read more

NYU Sustainability 2017 #YearInReview

2017 has been an exciting year for the Office of Sustainability, check out some of our highlights!

Residence Halls Competed in NYUnplugged

For the second year in a row, Lipton Hall saved the most energy and raised awareness about conserving energy through the NYUnplugged residence hall energy competition. Residence halls put sustainable ideas into action by replacing their lightbulbs with LED, lowering their thermostats, and making delicious smoothies with a bike-powered blender. 

We #MarchedForScience

Earth Month includes several interesting programs and activities. In addition to our Educating for Sustainability lecture with waste experts Robin Nagle and Dr. Cassandra Thiel, members of our community held events on meat consumption and food justice, religious perspectives on the environment, and urban ecology. Dr. Jane Goodall spoke at an event to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Jane Goodall Institute!

On Earth Day, 150 members of the NYU community, representing the Office of Sustainability, students organizations and activists, and President Andy Hamilton packed a DC-bound bus with beautiful posters and a desire to see evidence-based policy through the March for Science. The day was filled with marching, teach-ins, and an event with former EPA employees.

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NYU Sustainability 2016 #YearinReview

Here are some of NYU Sustainability’s major accomplishments in 2016!

unplugged2016Residence Halls Conserve Energy for NYUnplugged
In February, 17 Residence Halls competed in the NYUnplugged energy reduction challenge. Lipton Hall not only saved the most energy but also brought the most awareness to energy conservation through events and social media, securing their spot in first place!

Student, Faculty & Staff Collaborate
In March members of the Sustainability Task Force (STF) submitted a proposal to Governor Cuomo’s REV Campus Challenge, which called for New York State colleges and universities to develop clean energy plans for a chance to win $1 million for support in implementation. NYU was nationally recognized as a competition “Leader” and a “First Mover” for joining the competition in its first 6 months. The effort brought together a diverse group of individuals, who developed a proposal for an anaerobic digester at NYU. Additionally, throughout the Fall, an STF working group collaborated on a Sustainability Indicator Survey to question the NYU community on their attitudes towards sustainability. The survey is in queue for release.   Read more

Go Green Week at NYU Shanghai

By Omer Cohen

BadgeThe second annual Go Green Week at NYU Shanghai begins the week of April 11th. A collaboration between the student clubs “Animal Rights & Herbivores Society” and “Green Shanghai,” the Go Green Week seeks to help the NYU Shanghai community to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle by raising awareness of the environmental, health, and ethical dilemmas of  consuming of animal products. The Go Green Week also  brings awareness to the environmental crises that our world is facing, and promote behaviour that will help to solve them. This year, student leaders at NYU Shanghai have collaborated with their colleagues at the New York and Abu Dhabi campuses in order to make this a global initiative. Read more

Car Free NYC – Earth Day 2016

2.23CFDlogo1B&WNYU is proud to join the first ever Car Free NYC initiative in partnership with the City Council and countless other institutions and organizations throughout the city.

Car Free NYC is an effort to remove as many cars as possible from New York City streets to promote sustainability and environmental health. This Earth Day, participating organizations have pledged to encourage residents and commuters in NYC to acknowledge the impact of cars in the urban environment and choose an alternative way to get around the city.

On this day, the streets around Washington Square Park will be closed off to cars, as well as Broadway between Union Square and the Flatiron building. Additionally, Citi Bike will offer free 24 hour passes!

At the unveiling event last week, hosted at NYU, Council Member Margaret Chin spoke and pledged her commitment to going car free on this day. Chair of the Council Transportation committee and leading Council Member on the Car Free Initiative, Ydanis Rodriquez also spoke at the event and he invited Nilda Mesa of the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability to say a few words as well. The speeches were followed up by a panel of various stakeholders who discussed what the initiative means to them and the organizations they represent. Read more