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Design and Sustainability: An NYU Alumna Spotlight

Wendy Barnes who received her Master’s in Real Estate Development from NYU’s Schack Institute of Real Estate in 2007 explains to current students, “If you are not sure where you are headed, hold on and stay positive- building a career can be a wildly rewarding ride!” A passion in wildlife conservation sparked by her Master’s thesis at NYU, Barnes dives into her creative career path that led her to start a business with sustainability at its core. 

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Green classes to check out for Fall 2018

Registration for Fall 2018 is right around the corner, and with hundreds of classes offered it sometimes seems like a momentous task to narrow down your schedule to just 16-18 credits. As a double major, I get in the habit of only taking classes in my department, I sometimes forget all the amazing professors. NYU faculty includes such famous academics like author Ta-Nihsi Coates, marine conservationist Ayana Johnson and psychologist Todd Gureckis.

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How to win friends and influence people…to be more sustainable

For those of us who are aggressively eco-conscious, it can be difficult to bring awareness to our less “green” friends. We’ve all been there: you’re out to lunch with a friend and they pull out a cringeworthy, disposable plastic water bottle. It’s great to urge those around you to make more sustainable choices, but remember, it’s not always easy to break lifelong habits.

Instead of shaming them and shoving a million facts about carbon emissions, global warming and waste etiquette down their throats, try a more subtle approach to integrating sustainability into the conversation.

Here are some easy ways to help your friends and family become more sustainable without them even knowing it!

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Green Your Cleaning Routine

Contributed by Gabriela Pino 

green dishwashing gloves
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A few years ago when I started school at NYU one of the hardest transitions for me was residence hall living. Faced with strange faces, new freedoms, balancing life and academic responsibilities; the adjustment was a challenge. Once I settled into my new environment I began the see my residence hall as my home. I enjoyed personalizing my space with photos and decorations and strove to keep my new oasis tidy and clean. Read more

NYU Sustainability 2017 #YearInReview

2017 has been an exciting year for the Office of Sustainability, check out some of our highlights!

Residence Halls Competed in NYUnplugged

For the second year in a row, Lipton Hall saved the most energy and raised awareness about conserving energy through the NYUnplugged residence hall energy competition. Residence halls put sustainable ideas into action by replacing their lightbulbs with LED, lowering their thermostats, and making delicious smoothies with a bike-powered blender. 

We #MarchedForScience

Earth Month includes several interesting programs and activities. In addition to our Educating for Sustainability lecture with waste experts Robin Nagle and Dr. Cassandra Thiel, members of our community held events on meat consumption and food justice, religious perspectives on the environment, and urban ecology. Dr. Jane Goodall spoke at an event to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Jane Goodall Institute!

On Earth Day, 150 members of the NYU community, representing the Office of Sustainability, students organizations and activists, and President Andy Hamilton packed a DC-bound bus with beautiful posters and a desire to see evidence-based policy through the March for Science. The day was filled with marching, teach-ins, and an event with former EPA employees.

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