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Sustainability & Study Away: Takeaways and Tips!

Last week I sat on the EcoReps Sustainability Abroad panel and had a chance to think back about my time abroad in Sydney. Almost two years ago I wrote an exaggerated  “tell-all” Sustainablog post highlighting my first impressions of sustainability in Sydney. It was really interesting to look back and reflect on those impressions as I have continued to think about sustainability here in New York. Read more

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The NYUGREeN Room Pledge: Actions to Reduce your Carbon Footprint at Home

This year, over 800 NYU students living on campus completed the Green Room Pledge organized by the NYU EcoReps. Below are the actions they pledged to or already take to live more sustainably in on-campus housing. Even those who don’t live in an NYU residence hall can lower their carbon footprint and live more sustainably through these actions.

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Professor Rodrigo Zeidan speaking

We Should All Strive to Become Mutant Bacteria: How Rodrigo Zeidan’s Educating for Sustainability Talk Opened My Eyes

Last week, intrigued students, faculty, and New Yorkers filed into Kimball Hall for Pragmatic Actions and Policies for Sustainability with NYU Shanghai’s Professor and researcher, Rodrigo Zeidan.

I was baffled when I saw the first slide of Professor Zeidan’s presentation: a video about bacteria mutating and spreading through a petri dish of increasing concentrations of antibiotics! What could this possible have to do with sustainability in finance and business? However, as he explained, it became clear that humans need to adapt and become resilient like the mutant bacteria, and take small steps to achieve larger goals in sustainability. Read more

Microplastics and the Fashion Industry: insights from leading NGOs

For Plastic Free July, the #NYUGreen team has primarily focused on reducing our single-use plastics and supplementing them with accessible alternatives. But as Plastic Free July comes to a close, we want to address other products that can contribute to microplastics and you might just be wearing them!  Read more