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All things Solar Eclipse!

This Monday, people all across the country will gather to watch the moon travel in front of the sun, causing a total solar eclipse. Although only a portion of the country will have a view of the total eclipse, everyone is excited.

While the sun is 92 million miles away from us and the moon is several hundred thousands of miles away, this event will have several varying effects on Earth. We’re not just talking horoscopes here, we’re talking real changes to our environment. So what actually happens to the environment during an eclipse. Read more

Every Game of Thrones fan who cares about the environment should take this quiz


Every fan of Game of Thrones has probably heard the theory that White Walkers are a metaphor for climate change. I mean they’re a force that threatens to wipe out everyone in Westeros (and beyond) but everyone is too occupied in playing the Game of Thrones they don’t realize the real threat looms up North.

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Chill with Netflix: Environmental Documentaries to Get You Through the Winter

This blog has been adapted from Rainy Day Netflix Documentaries, originally published on the ECO Reps blog.

On Animals and Wildlife


Step into the world of the mountain gorilla. NYTimes says, “wrenches a startlingly lucid narrative from a sickening web of bribery, corruption and violence.” Read more

Green Gifting

The holiday season can often be a time of over doing it; over spending, over eating, over stressing and over wasting! To keep trash bins light and wallets full, try going green for the holidays! Here are 5 simple gifting tips to help keep your stress levels low, and your spending and waste to a minimum.

1. Don’t buy, DIY.

soup mix in a jar
courtesy of recipegoldmine.com

Do It Yourself gifts are a great alternative to store bought presents. It is easier than you might think to make your own natural beauty products, ready-to-make mason jar recipes, fun accessories, and more! Your friends and family will be super impressed and ready to try out these authentic, homemade gifts! Read more

Sustainability Summer Reading List 2016

by Ammar Monawar

If you haven’t seen it already, check out NYU’s Summer 16 reading list. We would like to offer some additional books to check out this summer that focus on both the personal and societal aspects of green advocacy. Learn more about the ways sustainability impacts our lives!

Post-carbon-reader-3001. The Post Carbon Reader: Managing the 21
st Century’s Sustainability Crises

Edited by Richard Heinberg and Daniel Lerch
With all the literature out on sustainability issues, it’s gotten difficult to know where exactly to begin. Thankfully, Richard Heinberg and Daniel Lerch gathered a group of experts to help break down these issues and provide their recommendations on how to deal with them. This collection of essays covers a range of topics dealing with everything from climate, energy, and food to culture and education. The Post Carbon Reader is a fantastic primer for acquainting yourself with the scope and range of issues sustainability advocates face today.

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