Author: Jenny Levine

Jenny is a member of the Office of Sustainability's communications team and studying journalism and anthropology. She loves overweight pugs, tailored suits and her nonna's zeppole and hates styrofoam.

Explore NYC Parks this summer 2018

It seemed like graduation was just yesterday but NYU students are flocking back into the city for summer classes and internships. Hopefully, there won’t be too many assignments or your work hours aren’t too long because the best part about being in NYC in the summer are its parks! There are hundreds of events from May to August you can scroll through here, but I found the series that you should definitely check out if you get a day off to get out. Read more

Green classes to check out for Fall 2018

Registration for Fall 2018 is right around the corner, and with hundreds of classes offered it sometimes seems like a momentous task to narrow down your schedule to just 16-18 credits. As a double major, I get in the habit of only taking classes in my department, I sometimes forget all the amazing professors. NYU faculty includes such famous academics like author Ta-Nihsi Coates, marine conservationist Ayana Johnson and psychologist Todd Gureckis.

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Why Ayana Johnson’s Educating for Sustainability talk blew my mind

Photo by Jenny Levine

On April 2nd, 120 students, faculty and curious New Yorkers alike filled into Kimmel to hear Educating for Sustainability’s 2018 speaker, Dr. Ayana Johnson. I wrote a Women’s (Green) History Month spotlight about Dr. Johnson, so I already knew she was an impressive individual, but her talk kind of blew my mind.

Many of the people in the audience were interested in topics of sustainability and ocean conservation, but we all had something to learn from Dr. Johnson’s pioneering work. 

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Women’s (Green) History Month: Ayana Johnson

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In the last installment of Women’s Green History Month we honor NYU Environmental Science Department’s very own, Dr. Ayana Johnson. A mentor to many in ES, the Brooklyn native attended Harvard then graduate school at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Dr. Johnson was not satisfied just seeking a career in marine biology (which is already a pretty cool job) but decided to amplify her skills and talent for public speaking and pursued the often frustrating effort to change policy.

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Women’s (Green) History Month Spotlight: Marina Silva

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During Women’s History Month we here at the Office of Sustainability want to celebrate the women from around the world fighting to save the world. This installment celebrates the decades of work and ongoing fight of Brazilian activist and politician Marina Silva. 

Silva was born to a large family of rubber workers in rural Brazil. Because of the need to provide for her family she did not attend school until she was 16.  Even then, she worked as a domestic worker to support her academic aspirations.

After earning a degree in History, she met the famous Brazilian environmentalist Chico Mendes and participated in “draw” protests where she joined rubber workers in forming a human chain to prevent deforestation. 

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