NYUnplugged 2019 – Winning Energy Tips


We’re so excited to kick off Unplugged 2019. The team that conserves the most energy during the week of unplugged will win a very cool prize. You might be wondering what you can do to conserve energy in your halls. We thought so. A lot of the energy used by residence halls comes from operations. So, you don’t have control over everything, BUT you can still make a difference. Here’s a list of tips and tricks, so you can ensure that your team comes out on top at the end of the week.



  1. UNPLUG UNUSED APPLIANCES & USE SMART POWER STRIPS: Anything plugged into the wall extracts electricity, even when it’s not in use. This is sometimes referred to as “vampire power.” You can use power strips to avoid wasting energy. Large appliances like microwaves, mini fridges, and computers can be especially wasteful. Of the total amount of energy used by power plugs, up to 40% of it is “vampire” energy.
  2. TURN OFF THE LIGHTS: You usually need light to get your homework done, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to save energy, and maximize the natural light in your room.
    • Turn off lights when they aren’t in use
    • Use energy-efficient bulbs and fixtures. Swap incandescent lights for CFLs and LEDs  
    • If you’re working at a desk use a small lamp instead of larger, more energy consuming lights.
  3. GRAB A SWEATER: It’s the winter and the weather can be a little rough, but there’s still things you can do save energy.
    • If it’s warm enough, set the thermostat to low and use a sweater instead of cranking up the heater.
    • Don’t use the AC. If it’s hot, crack open a window. Heating and re-cooling the air is extremely inefficient.
  4. ADJUST YOUR COMPUTER SETTINGS: As a University, computers and monitors account for a large amount of the devices that consume energy.
    • Make sure to use “stand-by” and “low-power” modes
    • Use power strips and timers
    • Unplug power cables when not in use. Unplug your computer once it reached 100%, it will save energy AND make sure your battery lasts longer.
  5. IMPROVE YOUR MORNING ROUTINE: Don’t forget that you can also save energy while you get ready in the morning.


You’ll be able to check your team’s daily progress and see who has saved the most energy each day of NYUnplugged. To get involved with more NYUnplugged activities, talk to your EcoReps. We hope to see all of you at our first Earth Hour Party.


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