Sustainability Working Group Update: Explore the Initiatives!

In Fall 2018, a Sustainability Working Group of over 50 students, faculty, and administrators from across NYU’s global network came together to determine meaningful and achievable new sustainability initiatives that NYU could implement in the short term. 

Sustainability Working Groups Update

We are pleased to share the 35 initiatives that move our NYU community closer to meeting our goal of becoming among the greenest urban campuses.

Highlighted initiatives include commitments to halting University spending on plastic water bottles; transitioning to all-electric Public Safety vehicles and shuttles; enhancing outreach and communication to incoming students and employees; centralizing information about sustainability courses and programs; and more.

We thank the more than 2,300 members of our community who participated in the “Sustainability at NYU crowdsourcing campaign in April 2018, and the members of this Working Group who swiftly put ideas into action. 


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