Shutting Down for Winter Break

Exams are over and you can finally leave Bobst! But, you only left yourself 10 hours to pack and clean your dorm before your flight home… Here’s a checklist of things to remember when powering down your dorm, apartment, or office for the break.

1. Let’s start with the basics. Turn out the lights. Every one of them. Even your salt lamps, fairy lights, lava lamps, Scooby Doo night-lights….All of them.


2. Unplug all your appliances, especially ones with a light or clock that stays on. Vampire appliances can waste a lot of energy when left plugged in. BONUS TIP: If you’re in an office space make sure to power down all your computers as well.


3. Turn off the heat. If you can control it, make sure your heating unit is turned off or on power save mode. If you live in a building with a radiator and your room is sweltering, make sure all your windows are closed.


4. Take perishables out of your fridge. Move anything that will keep frozen like onions or peppers to the freezer. But, that salad you were planning on finishing 2 weeks ago is not going to make it. Compost it now so you don’t come home to a rank fridge after the holidays.


5. Make sure none of your faucets are dripping. Double-check and you could save gallons of water of winter break. If a faucet is leaking and you live in a dorm, submit a work order so the problem is solved.


6. If you’re not the last to leave, leave the list for your roommates. Have a conversation about making sure your room isn’t wasting energy or water while everyone’s away. #bonding


7. Studying abroad next semester or graduating? Don’t throw away your appliances and kitchen supplies! Sell them to your roommates, on Free and For Sale, or through TradeMade. You’ll make a little money…


…but remember: the real reward is reducing your impact on the environment!

Have a great holiday! If you’re looking for ways to reduce your impact further, check out Carbon Offsetting your Winter Break.

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