Fall 2015 Upcoming Events

Is Free Higher Education Possible? Student Debt Activism Across the US

Wednesday, November 18 – 6-8pm

NYU Gallatin, 1 Washington Pl

The Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts*

With the total US student debt at $1.2 trillion and rising, students across the country are demanding affordable education as a right. The oldest and largest student organization in the country, the United States Students Association (USSA), recently launched a campaign for Free Higher Education that has sparked national action. From Obama’s free community college program to Bernie Sanders’ platform for free public universities, politicians are responding as students make their voices heard. In this panel event, the elected president of USSA will be joined by student activists from across the country to discuss the rising movement for college affordability. How did education come to be treated as a commodity rather than a public good? How are race and class intertwined with access to education? Why is there a culture of silence around debt at NYU and how can we break it? What kind of a student movement is necessary to demand change? In a conversation between national and NYU activists, we ask “how far to free?”

RSVP: wp.nyu.edu/studentlifeanddebt

Facebook: bit.ly/ussanyu

Presented by the Gallatin Student Life and Debt Series and the Urban Democracy Lab

*event open to the public