Recent Presentations

ACF’s National Research Conference on Early Childhood 2016

Latino Parenting Practices and Preschoolers’ Self-Regulation Skills
Gunin & Melzi

Oral Stories in the Classroom: Encouraging Preschool Teachers’ Use of Cultural Funds of Knowledge
Melzi, Schick, & Scarola

Engagement and Self-Efficacy: Precursors to Children’s School Readiness
Scarola, Maltz, Schick, & Melzi

The Oral & Academic Language Skills of Spanish-Speaking Preschoolers
Schick, Melzi, Scarola, & Maita

Society for Research in Child Development 2015

Capturing the Language Skills of Spanish-Speaking U.S. Latino Children
Escobar, Scarola, Schick, & Melzi

Latino Caregivers’ Language Sophistication: Influences on Preschool-aged Children’s Language Development
Obregón, Melzi, Schick, & Alvarez

Parental Engagement in Latino Head Start Families: Precursors and Changes over Time
Schick, Melzi, & McWayne

The Oral Practices of New York City Latino Head Start Families
Bostwick, Cuevas, Schick, & Melzi

The Relation between Language and Social Emotional Skills in Dual Language Latino Preschoolers
Scarola, Schick, Schneebaum, Schick, & Melzi

The Role of Language in the Relation between Dramatic Play and Self-Regulation for Low Income Latino Preschoolers
Scarola, Schick, & Melzi