Why Volunteer?

“I joined the team because I was intrigued by the opportunity to learn and study children in a systematic way. I enjoy seeing how children develop and learn. I find so much joy in sharing stories and experiences.”

“I joined the team because I found a genuine interest in working with the Latino population in any facet. I also just love to read and I wanted to learn research skills from a more qualitative perspective.”

“You never lose your sense of wonder! Kids definitely say the darndest things!”

“I love engaging with children and helping them strive in the classroom.”

picture at school of man and woman

“I can work with children and forget about all the stresses of my day. I am taken to a completely fun, silly, and surprising place.”

“Their creativity and cheerfulness – how excited they always are to work with you.”

“I love learning from the children I work with. Working with children also always makes me laugh.”

“I love their curiosity! I love how they are constantly making discoveries about the world and other people, and I love helping them to appreciate, understand, and share those discoveries.”

“Kids exist in their own little world and there’s no better experience than when they allow you to listen or play in their framework.”

“I joined the team because of my passion for working with children. I love the idea of researching to better these children’s school experiences. My favorite past time is watching the joy on a child’s face when they succeed. I also love hearing the things their crazy imaginations create.”