Oral Storytelling Projects

Preschool Children’s Narrative Development
Funded by a variety of organizations, most recently the Department of Health and Human Services, we investigate the narrative discourse of parents and teachers and the ways in which these practices support Latino preschoolers’ school readiness, with a particular focus on children’s oral storytelling skills.

Read our recent publications:

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Classroom Storytelling Project
Funded by the Brady Educational Foundation and the Brooke Astor Foundation, the Co-Constructive Elaborative Telling (CET) Classroom Intervention Project seeks to improve the reading readiness of Latino children from low-income families through a teacher-focused oral storytelling intervention that capitalizes on the cultural forms of narrative Latino children bring into the preschool classroom.

Read our recent publications:

Melzi, G., Schick, A., & Scarola, L. (2018). Building Bridges Between Home and School for Latinx Families of Preschool Children. Occasional Paper Series, 2018 (39). Retrieved from https://educate.bankstreet.edu/occasional-paper-series/vol2018/iss39/10

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