Our Research

Broadly speaking, all of our projects address the socio-cultural context of children’s early development and learning both at home and school , with a particular focus on Spanish-speaking immigrant families from Latin American countries.  In our work, we situate learning and development as a culturally, historically and socially meditated process, and in doing so, we take a strength-based approach to understanding the ways Latino families support their children’s development and learning. 

Our work spans three main areas: 

(1) discourse and linguistic features of early literacy home and school interactions, in particular oral storytelling and book sharing between caregivers and children, as well as between teachers and the children in their classes

(2) home-based engagement practices supporting preschool children’s school-based learning, with a particular focus on early literacy and early mathematical abilities

(3) home-school connections, in particular ways in which classrooms incorporate culturally grounded family practices to support children’s school-based learning