New Website Launch!

The Center for Academic Excellence and Support (CAES) is pleased to announce our highly anticipated website.  The design and content of our website was developed by our entire CAES team. We will manage the website in-house and are committed to making frequent updates so it is content rich, relevant, and a useful resource for faculty.

Content for our website was developed from ongoing dialogue among the Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs, the Center for Academic Excellence and Support and NYUSPS Teaching Faculty.  It provides faculty with access to fundamental teaching resources and information related to faculty development, research, and educational technologies that can be integrated in classroom and online teaching.  

We invite you to visit and explore the website.


CAES is made up of a team of experienced professionals dedicated to excellence in education.  Our team includes Instructional Designers (ID), Educational Technologists (ET), Media Technologists, Technicians, and administrative staff. We are available to assist you and we are very excited to share this online resource with you. We welcome your feedback.