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Women’s Leadership in Global Governance

As the UN’s ninth Secretary-General, Antonios Guterres, prepares to take up office on January 1 2017, he is being flooded with advice on repurposing the UN to respond to 21st century challenges. Women’s leadership and participation – and an institutional capacity to promote gender equality – has to be at the core of these proposals.

Making Europe White… Again

Shaken by the false promises of global neoliberal capitalism, the emergent precariat is a significant class of white Europeans living in constant fear of losing their positions of privilege.

Trump is playing a risky political game with China and Russia

A principle taught in international relations is that a rising power could threaten global stability. The example given is Germany prior to World War I and its rapid economic rise challenging England’s dominance. Following that model, if one were to believe Donald Trump’s anti-China rhetoric, a clash with China would seem inevitable.