Anne Marie Goetz, Clinical Professor

anne_marie_goetz-1160ANNE MARIE GOETZ, PH.D., M.Sc.

Dr. Goetz has been Clinical Professor at CGA since January 2014. She served at the United Nations since 2005 as a Policy Director of Governance, Peace and Security, first at UNIFEM and since 2011 at UN Women. She was a Professorial Fellow in Political Science at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex where she worked since 1991. She also served the United Nations Development Programme in Chad and Guinea in the mid-1980s. While at the UN Dr. Goetz spearheaded initiatives to promote women’s empowerment in the UN’s peace building work in post-conflict situations, and to support women’s organizations’ efforts to participate in peace talks and post-conflict decision-making. She spearheaded initiatives to ensure that the Security Council addresses sexual violence in conflict as a tactic of warfare, and to build peacekeepers’ capacities to detect and prevent these abuses.
Dr. Goetz is a political scientist studying how development policies in fragile states promote the interests of marginalized social groups, particularly poor women. She was researched democratization and good governance reforms in South Asia and East Africa. This has included research on pro-poor and gender-sensitive approaches to public sector reforms, anti-corruption initiatives, and decentralization, and political liberalization and state building in fragile states and post-conflict situations.

Professor Goetz is the author of seven books on the subjects of gender, politics and policy in developing countries, and on accountability reforms – including the 2009 edited volume: Governing Women: Women in Politics and Governance in Developing Countries (Routlegde), and the UNIFEM flagship report: Who Answers to Women? Gender and Accountability. Professor Goetz has also engaged advisory work related to gender, democratization, and governance, including direct advisory work for developing country governments, for multilateral economic institutions and bilateral donors, and for NGOs. She is on the editorial board of the Oxfam journal” Gender and Development, is a Board member of the NGO Gender at Work, and is a member of UN Women’s ‘Champions of Women Peace & Security and Human Rights’ group.


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Recent publications:

Anne Marie Goetz & Rob Jenkins (2016) ‘Gender, security, and governance: the case of Sustainable Development Goal 16’, Gender & Development, 24:1, 127-137, DOI: 10.1080/13552074.2016.1144412

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Anne Marie Goetz & Rob Jenkins (2015) ‘Agency and Accountability: Promoting Women’s Participation in Peacebuilding’ Feminist Economics, Vol 22, Issue 1: 211-236

2010, with Robert Jenkins,  ‘Addressing Sexual Violence in Internationally Mediated Peace Negotiations, Journal of International Peacekeeping, Vol. 2, pp. 261 – 277

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Anne Marie Goetz is also a commissioning editor and contributor to the online journal Open Democracy.  Recent articles can be seen here:


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