February 2017

Professors Trahan and Cooper spoke on March 3, at the Dean Rusk International Law Center, University of Georgia School of Law, Athens, Georgia, at a conference:
 IntLawGrrls! 10th Birthday Conference.  The conference included panels of women prominent in the field of international law.  Further details as to the event can be found at 
https://ilg2.org/2017/03/04/happy-birthday-intlawgrrls/  .  Professor Trahan spoke on the crime of aggression, and Professor Cooper spoke on the German public’s reception of the Nuremberg Tribunal.

On January 30 – February 3, Adjunct Professor Edward Goldberg spoke on global economics and politics to group of young leaders sent to the United States by the government of Kazakhstan through the AIFC Executive Ed Program.

On February 24-25, 2017 Clinical Assistant Professor Dr Sylvia Maier chaired a panel on EU Development Policies and presented two papers at the International Studies Association Meeting in Baltimore, MD, on “Gender Equality for Development or a Bargaining Chip? A Critical Assessment of EU Women’s Capacity-Building Programs in Afghanistan” and “Global(izing) Cities, Global(izing) Women: The Transformation and Re-Construction of Khaleeji Women’s Identities in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Qatar.”

On February 24-25, Clinical Assistant Professor Mary Beth Altier presented her paper entitled, “Armed and in Office: Why Violent Parties Succeed in Democratic Elections” and served as discussant for the paper, “Preaching Peace or Fear?: Explaining the Electoral Discourses of Warlord Democrats in Liberia” on the panel “Post-Conflict Elections” at the International Studies Association Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. She also chaired and served as discussant on four papers for the panel, “Individual Decisions to Participate (or Not) in Militant Organizations.”

Dr Mark Galeotti, Adjunct Professor of Global Affairs, has become the Coordinator of the Centre for European Security at UMV, the Institute of International Relations Prague.

Adjunct Professor Rachira Gupta was appointed Distinguished Affiliated Scholar with the Project on Political Conflict, Gender and People’s Rights at the Center for Race , and Gender, University of California, Berkley for the years 2016 and 2017.

Additionally, Professor Gupta has two edited anthologies out, River of Flesh: The Prostituted Woman in Indian Short Fiction, published by Speaking Tiger and As if Women Matter: The Essential Gloria Steinem Reader, published by Rupa. Both are available on Amazon. 

During the month of February, visiting scholar and professor, Dr. Sidhu penned the following op-eds for the Indian newspaper, Mint, which focused on India’s defense budget and the prospects of enhanced India-U.S. naval cooperation. 

A disrupter’s guide to India’s defence budget.

Indo-US naval cooperation: steady as she goes?.

Finally, Dr. Sidhu also co-chaired a year long dialogue between former top officials from China, India, Pakistan, and the United States to discuss ways to enhance strategic stability between the four. The results of these deliberations are compiled in a new Brookings report titled “The strategic chain: Linking Pakistan, India, China, and the United States,” which offers several promising quadripartite recommendations.