October 2016

MSGA Students Hsin-Hui Hsu, , Sheila Zegerra, and Lauren Leung in Nuremberg

From September September 29–October 1, Professors Trahan and Cooper, along with CGA students Lauren Leung, Sheila Zegerra and Hsin-Hui Hsu attended the 10th Annual Humanitarian Law Dialogs, in Nuremberg, Germany.  The Dialogs, entitled “A Lasting Legacy for the Future,” were held there to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Judgment of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg.  Professor Trahan is a member of the Organizing Committee of the Dialogs, and CGA is thereby a co-sponsoring organization.

Professor Trahan then went to The Hague, Netherlands, where she continued with 6 more interviews, including at the Yugoslav Tribunal, Special Tribunal for Lebanon and International Criminal Court.

On October 5, she was also on a panel at The Hague Institute for Global Justice, entitled “The Death Penalty and International Law” sponsored by the UK law firm Doughty Street Chambers and the Slovak Embassy.  Her presentation focused on the interrelationship of the International Criminal Court and the death penalty under the Rome Statute’s “complementarity regime.”  Further information on the panel can be found at http://www.thehagueinstituteforglobaljustice.org/events/the-death-penalty-and-international-law/

Professor Trahan’s blog post on the topic “Rethinking the Death Penalty and Complementarity” can be found athttps://ilg2.org/2016/07/09/rethinking-the-death-penalty-and-complementarity/

On October 28, 2016. Adjunct Professor, David Donat-Cattin (also Secretary -General of Parliamentarians for Global Action) moderated a panel at International Law Weekend, at Fordham Law School.  The panel was entitled  “Challenges for the International Criminal Court in a Changing World,” and featured Professor Trahan as a panelist, as well as Karen Mosoti (Head, Liaison Office at the ICC), Jelena Pia-Comella (CICC) and Elise Keppler (Human Rights Watch) as panelists.
On October 29, also at International Law Weekend, Professors Trahan and Cooper, along with CGA alumna Erin Lovall, hosted a film screening of Erin and CGA alumna June Vutrano’s film “Seeking Truth in the Balkans”.  They were joined on their panel discussion by Velma Saric, Post-Conflict Research Center, Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Marijana Toma, Humanitarian Law Center, Belgrade, Serbia.