December 2016

Professor Colette Mazzucelli has been selected as a member of the 6th Global Diplomacy Lab, which focuses on “An Urgent Challenge for Global Diplomacy: Forging Innovative Partnerships with Regional Networks for Local Atrocity Prevention,” with programmatic meetings scheduled to launch the Incubator Lab during June 18-21, 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the Impact Lab during November 19-22, 2017, in Tunis, Tunisia.

CGA’s Professor Bill Hewitt was the focus of a column in the NY Times recently in which his attempts to address an egregious example of energy waste were profiled.  Jim Dwyer’s “About New York” column highlighted how streetlights in Central Park are nyt-central-parkblazing away in full daylight.  Hopefully, as a consequence of the exposure of this waste, the City of New York will fix the problem.  This story illustrates the power of activism and of the press.  See Who Left the Lights On in Central Park? A Quest for Answers.  (And you can go to Professor Hewitt’s blog, A Newer World, for more, including how to voice your concern.)

On December 19, Clinical Professor Michael Oppenheimer’s OP-ED entitled Trump team doomed to repeat Bush’s mistakes was published by The piece discusses the emerging Trump national security team and the dangers it poses for US interests and global stability.

cdr-helsinkiOn December 9, Brad Heckman, CEO of New York Peace Institute and Adjunct Professor, was the keynote speaker at the International Organizations Career Development Roundtable (CDR) in Helsinki, Finland. The CDR is the largest annual multi-lateral human resources event, bringing together professionals from the United Nations, the European Union, International Financial Institutions, as well as the national public sector, academia and private institutions. Mr. Heckman delivered a keynote address to more than 300 professionals representing over 100 organizations. The speech, which took place in Finland’s original parliament building, focused on practical communications skills to allow organizations to harness the positive potential of conflict. Mr. Heckman drew upon his experience in training the NYPD, NASA, trade unions, activists and academics in more than 30 countries — as well as his work at NYU’s Center for Global Affairs.

Mr. Heckman is also an illustrator whose work is currently on display in the public display-pg-copyspace at the Alliance for Peacebuilding and Partners Global in Washington, DC. The work consists of Mr. Heckman’s sketches of figures from history, the arts, popular culture and politics, incorporating their quotes relating to peacebuilding and conflict resolution. Mr. Heckman’s work can also be found on his blog,

In December 2016, Adjunct Professor Regina Joseph gave the keynote at the Dutch Futures Society annual conference “An Interesting Day 2016.”

Additionally, Professor Joseph co-authored with Pavel Atanasov an article for the Washington Post entitled “Which election forecast was the most accurate? Or rather: The least wrong?” 

In December 2016, Adjunct Professor and acting Private Sector concentration head, Kevin Chen, gave a speech at the Canada Annual Derivatives Conference in Montreal, Quebec. A commentary and synopsis of Professor Chen’s speech was featured by the Global Citizen Blog, and can be found here: Kevin Chen on the Canada Annual Derivatives Conference.

On December 14, 2016, Adjunct Professor Edward Goldberg was mentioned by Thomas L. Friedman in his column in the New York Times:
“You would never know that what has actually made America great is our ability to attract the world’s smartest and most energetic immigrants and our ability “to develop technology and to nurture our human capital” — not just drill for coal and oil, remarked Edward Goldberg, who teaches at N.Y.U.’s Center for Global Affairs and is the author of “ The Joint Ventured Nation: Why America Needs a New Foreign Policy.”

On December 5, visiting scholar and professor, Dr. WPS Sidhu spoke to the participants of the Leadership in International Security Course at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy on “India: A Hesitant Rule Shaper?”. The participants included mid-career professionals from over 20 countries.

On December 6, Dr. Sidhu moderated a discussion on “Disarmament Diplomacy after the Ban Resolution at the Wilton Park Conference on Nuclear non-proliferation: planning for 2020. He also spoke on the prospects of the ban negotiations on deterrence.