Initiative for Peacebuilding Through Education (IPE)

Initiative for Peacebuilding Through Education (IPE)

The Initiative for Peacebuilding Through Education (IPE) serves as a platform where innovative and context-specific educational approaches and materials can be developed to contribute to the reduction of direct and structural violence and the growth of healthy, sustainable systems of constructive change.

Dr. Thomas Hill is IPE’s director and leads the peacebuilding concentration within CGA’s M.S. in Global Affairs(MSGA). Dr. Hill has spent most of the past two decades working on education-focused projects that aim to increase mutual understanding and to delegitimize the use of violence at local, national, and global levels.

Our Focus

IPE is a space for collaboration between faculty members, students, and researchers from NYU and affiliated universities and representatives of other international organizations. IPE specifically works to:

  • Harness the intellectual and creative capacity of youth to build more peaceful societies
  • Improve the practice of conflict assessment to contribute to better policy formulation
  • Build vibrant and equitable international partnerships that model best peacebuilding practices
  • Support affiliates to identify, strengthen, and draw upon local capacities for peacebuilding

IPE carries out applied research in partnership with affiliates and conducts public events in New York and abroad that seek to disseminate new knowledge about peacebuilding and prepares the next generation to serve as effective peacebuilders in their own communities and globally. Both the peacebuilding concentration within the M.S. in Global Affairs program and the Graduate Certificate in Peacebuilding are central to IPE’s mission.