Hydropower should be Norway’s next great export

The oversupply of oil in the world market, maturing oilfields, and the low price environment are some of the economic challenges that Norway is currently facing. In order to overcome them, Norway needs to diversify its economy.


Hosting international summits inevitably offers a country the opportunity (if managed well) to lead the agenda and provide leadership to the meeting; enhance the role of the institution in serving its members and providing global public goods; and, in doing so also advance its own national, regional and global interests and standing. While India might have sought to achieve these objectives in hosting the 8th BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) summit in Goa, the results are at best mixed and disappointing at worst.

The Perils of Nuclear Armed Cruise Missiles

Before examining the issue of nuclear armed cruise missiles (NACMs) a quick global geopolitical overview is warranted. The short post-Cold War period of cooperation between the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (the P5 in common parlance) has given way to greater direct interstate contestation between them today.

Indonesia should make nuclear energy a viable option

Indonesia is a democratic archipelago nation that consists of 255 million people, 13,000 islands, separated into 34 different provinces. It is a resource-rich country with a demographic dividend and a growing economy. As a nation, Indonesia
 still relies heavily on fossil fuels as a primary component in both its energy and power mix.