August 2017

Clinical Associate Professor Trahan had a piece published, “An Overview of Justice in the Former Yugoslavia and Reflections for Accountability in Syria,” which appears at 23 ILSA Journal of International and Comparative Law 303 (2017).

From August 27-29, Professor Trahan also attended “The 11th International Humanitarian Law Dialogs: Changing Times — New Opportunities for International Justice and Accountability,” held on Lake Chautauqua, NY. The conference was attended by international and hybrid tribunal prosecutors, academics and other experts from the field of international justice. Professor Trahan gave a speech at the conference, entitled “The Future of the Field of International Justice,” and participated as a panelist in a discussion of Victim’s Rights at International Tribunals. The Center for Global Affairs was a co-sponsoring organization, and CGA student Taylor Ackerman also attended.

Clinical Professor Anne Marie Goetz has been participating in a research program on the economics of peacebuilding from a gender perspective. In July she attended a two-day workshop in Boston, MA: ‘What Kind of Growth? Economies that Work for Women in Post-War Settings’, organised by the Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights, UMass Boston and the University of Edinburgh, UK. She presented a paper: ‘The BRICS as aid donors: Implications for international support for gender equality and human rights in conflict-affected states’. The paper was based in part on research in Myanmar and the Philippines, conducted in May-June this year.

Clinical Assistant Professor Mary Beth Altier spent two weeks in Northern Ireland conducting additional research on why individuals support political parties associated with terrorist groups. She interviewed key members of both Republican and Loyalist paramilitary organizations as well as the security services throughout Northern Ireland and consulted newly released government records on policing, government services, terrorist financing, as well as party/terrorist group propaganda at the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland and the Linen Hall Library.

Professor Altier also helped to organize the 11th Annual Society for Terrorism Research International Conference, which was held at NYU’s Center for Global Affairs on August 14th and August 15th. The event featured keynotes by the renowned Bruce Hoffman and James Piazza and included presentations from over 100 terrorism researches from around the world. Professor Altier presented her own research at the conference titled, “Returning to the Fight: An Empirical Analysis of Terrorist Re-engagement and Recidivism.”

NYU’s Center for Global Affairs hosted a panel discussion on September 11th, “Understanding the US National Security Landscape, and What Lies Ahead”, co-sponsored by the Alumni Society of CGA (ASCGA), the Johns Hopkins SAIS NY alumni club and the SAIS Women’s Alumni Network. Former CIA officer and new CGA Adjunct Assistant Professor Yael Eisenstat and CGA alumnus and Teneo Senior Vice President Alexandra Rogan were joined by former CIA Acting Director and SAIS Distinguished Practitioner in Residence John McLaughlin for a conversation moderated by PBS Newshour Special Correspondent Patricia Sabga. of US foreign policy today.

The panel kicked off with the following question: It’s clear that the Trump Administration’s relationship with the Intelligence Community and National Security Institutions is different from previous administrations. That has undoubtedly changed the process that shapes US foreign policy decisions.  But does that make US foreign policy less effective? Or could it open new avenues for resolving festering problems such as North Korea? This led into a candid discussion about the most critical national security challenges for the US in the current global political environment, how the Trump Administration might respond to them, and how US national security could be affected by the evolving relationship with the current Administration.

The panel was followed by a networking reception for CGA and SAIS alumni.