April 2019

On April 25, Professor Jennifer Trahan spoke at a conference at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in Cleveland, Ohio. The conference was entitled:
“A World in Disarray: International Law, State Sovereignty and Interventions.” Professor Trahan spoke on a panel entitled “The United Nations, Sovereignty and Interventions,” joined by co-panelists Carina Van Vliet, Dean Michael Scharf, and moderated by Dean Milena Sterio. The conference also featured a keynote address by Dr. Richard Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations, and a panel focused on interventions in Yemen and Syria, featuring Paul Williams, Pete Moore, Sandy Hodgkinson, moderated by Tony Ganzer.

On April 29, Professor Trahan also represented the American Branch of the International Law Association at “American Bar Association Day at the UN,” attending meetings with UN officials and at the US Mission to the UN.


Clinical Assistant Professor, John V. Kane, presented his coauthored research on U.S. political parties at the annual meeting of the Midwestern Political Science Association conference in Chicago, IL. His study analyzes national survey, panel, and experimental data, and finds that citizens’ sentiments toward politically-aligned groups, and beliefs about the social composition of each party’s coalition, systematically predict citizens’ party attachments. The study therefore provides a more contemporary, comprehensive, and rigorous test of the popular hypothesis that feelings toward various groups in society are what drive citizens to identify with one political party over the other.

On April 6, Professor Anne Marie Goetz participated in an authors’ conference on the topic of Women and Equality, at the American Academic of Arts and Science in Boston. This is a gathering of academics producing papers for the Academy’s journal: Deadelus, which will produce a special issue on Women and Equality in Spring 2020. Goetz presented a paper based on 25 interviews with transnational feminist leaders, called: “The new competition in multilateral norm-setting: Transnational feminists and the illiberal backlash”.

Adjunct Assistant Professor Josh Krasna performed for the Foreign Policy Research Institute an in-depth analysis of the Israeli election results, what they mean, and what the next steps will be, the morning after the elections.

Adjunct Professor Chloe Demrovsky presented at the Fifth Global Biennial Conference on Small States, which was convened from March 25-29, 2019 in Apia, Samoa. The Commonwealth’s Biennial Conference is a prominent platform for small states’ stakeholders, including government delegations, private sector, civil society organizations, regional and international development partners, academia, and other non-state actors from within the Commonwealth and beyond for strategic networking, knowledge exchange, sharing of best practices and experiences and discussing issues of importance to these countries. The theme for this year’s event was ‘Building Resilience through Disaster Risk Reduction’. Follow the link to read more about the event.