The Fallacy That Attacking a Judicial Institution and its Personnel Protects Americans: A Response to John Bolton’s Speech

Monday, at the Federalist Society, National Security Adviser John Bolton delivered a major foreign policy address, devoted almost entirely to attacking the International Criminal Court, a court established to prosecute the most egregious crimes of concern to the international community. At a time when the US does indeed face many national security challenges, including North Korean nuclear weapons development, the topic was in itself an odd choice, but consistent with Bolton’s earlier preoccupation with the ICC during the George W. Bush Administration.

Navigating ‘Government Donor’ Roadblocks

It is generally known that governmental donors tend to give more money, over longer periods. But applying to governments for funding can also be daunting. The following paragraphs are meant to highlight potential roadblocks in applying for government funds, so that social entrepreneurs can try to avoid them, and governments can better understand their unintended negative impacts.

Engaging with the Global Community: An interview with Earl Carr on SinoVision

Adjunct professor Earl Carr was interviewed by SinoVision on July 19, 2018 highlighting his experiences in China and his current professional engagement in the Greater China region (China, Taiwan, & Hong Kong). The interview also emphasizes the critical importance of studying abroad and active engagement in our global community. As the interview was conducted in Chinese, Prof. Carr provided a synopsis of the conversation. 

Unpacking the request for early release by three Rwanda genocide prisoners

Three Rwandan prisoners convicted of genocide by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda have requested early release from the United Nations Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals. This has drawn widespread anger in Rwanda – from citizens and the government. We spoke to Jennifer Trahan about how this process might unfold.