Making Effective Use of Existing Legal Obligations in the Face of Atrocity Crimes

On October 22, Professor Jennifer Trahan gave a speech at the UN in the Trusteeship Council as part of the Program of the 29th Informal Meeting of Legal Advisers on a panel entitled “Preventing and Punishing Atrocity Crimes – Reflections

Featured Videos: CGA’s Prof. Jennifer Trahan Addresses the Crime of Aggression at Peace Palace in July

On July 3 and 4, Professor Jennifer Trahan delivered two speeches at the symposium entitled “Legislating Peace: from the Outlawry of War to the Crime of Aggression.” Prof. Trahan presented “From Nuremberg to Kampala to New York: The crime of aggression”  on July 3 at

Should there be a 5th World Conference on Women in 2020?

Anne Marie Goetz Clinical Professor, Center for Global Affairs, School of Professional Studies, New York University.  She has written on gender mainstreaming, gender and conflict, and on gender in UN policies (including the UN’s World Conferences on Women). A range

The Fallacy That Attacking a Judicial Institution and its Personnel Protects Americans: A Response to John Bolton’s Speech

Monday, at the Federalist Society, National Security Adviser John Bolton delivered a major foreign policy address, devoted almost entirely to attacking the International Criminal Court, a court established to prosecute the most egregious crimes of concern to the international community. At a time when the US does indeed face many national security challenges, including North Korean nuclear weapons development, the topic was in itself an odd choice, but consistent with Bolton’s earlier preoccupation with the ICC during the George W. Bush Administration.