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David Wojnarowicz’s A Fire In My Belly

As archivists we deal in presenting facts. We try not to personalize or interpret archival material. Instead we offer these primary source artifacts, whether they are paper-based documents or original media, to scholars so that they may study, scrutinize, and ultimately create scholarship. Recently a

Archiving Collectives

The fastest-growing area of collecting at Fales is our Downtown Collection, which seeks to document the full spectrum of performance, literature, art, activism and music that flourished in downtown New York from the mid-70s to the early 90s. Because of the cross-disciplinary and multimedia nature

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350 Years of Preservation Problems

Today’s post comes from Fales Processing Archivist Colin Wells. Colin recently moved to Switzerland to work for the United Nations Archives, but left us with this overview of preservation issues in the collection. Sylvester Manor is the home of the original European settlers on Shelter