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2 thoughts on “Women in Archives – some questions…”

  1. Craig says:

    Some things your post made me wonder, Lisa: Should Archivists be fighting against the cultural notion of “if it’s not online it effectively doesn’t exist”? Usually I am against the idea of Archivists attempting to combat or influence cultural trends of how information is accessed and used, but one should never be dogmatic about these things and this is a trend that is actually outright harmful to scholarship, research, and inquiry. Anyone working within the Information Science fields should know that this assumption (“Everything’s online. Or at least everything worth knowing/looking up”) is not remotely true, nor will it ever be. I think the responsible and digitally minded archivist should be combating this notion as part of their daily work (I am open to ideas how, still brainstorming it all myself). And I think combating this terribly flawed idea goes hand in hand with providing greater access to non-digitized materials. Regardless of how much and how well we digitize, we need to knock the privileged status of digitized material down a peg.

  2. yahdi siradj says:

    positive and useful knowledge information , thanks sir

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