Here are some other digital humanities courses, or courses with digital humanities projects embedded in them, that I have taught in the past.

AHC AD 139 (NYU Abu Dhabi) Introduction to Digital Humanities – basic course including corpora, markup, mapping, networks and 3d.

(NYU Abu Dhabi) Digital Curation – principles of curation and making digital exhibits.

(European Summer University of Digital Humanities)  From Text to Map: Modeling Historical Humanities Data in Mapping Environments – digital mapping and coding related to spatial data.

ENGL 229 (American University of Beirut) History of the English Language – included discovery of historical language through corpora, participatory mapping of Lebanese multilingualism.

ENGL 292 (American University of Beirut) Mapping Beirut Print Culture – senior capstone including mapping.

ENGL 306K/346K (American University of Beirut) Introduction to Digital Humanities – MA seminar including corpora, markup, mapping, networks.