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Dear fellow advocates, organizers, and comrades:

We would like to welcome you to the Strategy and Tactics of Action organizing community.  Our group is a long-overdue newly formed commonplace for all social justice initiatives that focus on eradicating implicit and explicit injustices.

Our efforts employ a social work perspective with attention placed on the underlying values that do not adhere to a commitment to human rights and anti-oppression.  Our commitment and role are to fight against the racist, bigoted tendencies unearthed and supported throughout the presidential campaign and increasingly actualized in many horrible examples since the election.

The aim is to move from process to action.  This website will serve as a collective organizing tool.  The content will include: contact lists for media outlets and advocacy efforts; information and links to events school-wide, across the university and across the nation at other campuses; updated lists of city council members and local entities, state and federal officials; and accounts of how people have experienced the aftermath of the election (e.g. an ongoing list of issues and events directly related to ways in which people have been personally affected).  It will also include a ‘Letter to the Editor’ to allow students and alum to write and contribute.  Additionally, resources will be provided in an advocacy toolbox with strategies and tactics for letter writing campaigns, petition signing management, how to testify, how to be an ally, etc.

In addition to this website, we are working towards our inaugural newsletter, which will contain a section ‘Bringing Life to the Classroom’ as a space for students and faculty to share experiences and (micro/blatant) aggressions that have occurred in their field placements among clients or communities.  These stories can then be used anecdotally in letters to government officials and congress.

Other newsletter or website topics could be sharing tactics on what to do when people are attacked or abused.  Further, we expect to utilize this space as a means to reaching our adjunct faculty and providing them with all the resources needed to create meaningful and transformative classroom experiences to the end of abolishing structural oppression.

Given we have community members abroad in Shanghai and Buenos Aires, we anticipate the website and newsletter will help bridge the off-campus students to efforts underway on campus.

Our intent is to ensure Silver School of Social Work and the McSilver Poverty Institute is more actively aware and involved in policy issues, changes, and proposals that impact our society at large, students, faculty and clients more specifically.


The background context, which led to current efforts in this new collaborative forum, can be characterized as a series of fragmented responses to societal and community crises, rather than organized proactive tactics.  Much of this work has been underway for some years stemming from our Silver Strategic Planning efforts to address issues around diversity and time-sensitive reactions to recent tragedies involving police shootings.  Liaisons from all of our existing committees focused on diversity, equity, social justice, inclusion, and anti-oppression have joined forces (with representatives at both the school and university levels) in an effort to collaborate and streamline action steps in an urgent push towards reframing the conversation and supporting our community in a manner that mitigates the impact of the recent presidential election.

Correct terminology:

It is important to be careful with our language and avoid discounting or minimizing appropriate human reactions to real trauma.  Hence, we encourage the use of appropriate terms that directly refer to the negative values (e.g. racism, bigotry, misogyny, Anti-Semitism, xenophobia, etc.) espoused by certain emerging political bodies; those that are a direct antithesis of everything social work champions – human rights and anti-oppression.

Mission statement:

Under collaborative construction

We hope you find this website user-friendly and informative.  We welcome all ideas in an effort to forge forth with a multi-pronged approach towards a more humane society and community.  The essence of these efforts is to encourage and support action!

In solidarity,

Darcey and Jennifer (Facilitators)




Featured Events:

Society for Social Work and Research Annual Meeting:

These informative and valuable sessions highlight the following issues: 

  • Social Work’s role in shaping the narrative: Action Steps for Effective Post-Election Participation.
  • Advocacy in Schools of Social Work in Response to the 2016 Presidential Election.

Achievements :

Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy

Women’s March on Washington:

We stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health and our families – recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.