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Ozer, S., & Sirin, S. R. (2013, April 30). Provide education and health care for the refugee children in Syria. The New York Times. Retrieved from solutions for Syria’s growing refugee crisis

I currently write a weekly, data-driven column in Turkish for the most influential newspaper in the country, Hürriyet, The newspaper is the Number 1 most visited web page in the Turkish language.


I have been invited to appear on live interviews on BBC and CNN to share my work on Syrian refugees.
BBC: (2016, February 16). Global: Refugee Mental Health.

CNN: (2013, January 2). Syrian Kids and Families Research.


My work has been covered widely in several international media and news outlets, such as CNN, BBC, PBS, The New York Times, NPR, the Guardian, Quantara (German and Arabic versions), Examiner, and International Business Times. My research has also been reviewed in the APA Monitor and in the Harvard Education Review.

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My views on Turkish education and politics appears frequently in Turkish media, including more than 100 interviews across all major Turkish newspapers, including Aksam, Birgun\ Cumhuriyet, Hurriyet, Milliyet, Sabah, Taraf, Yeni Safak, and Zaman. I regularly appear on Turkish TV networks, including CNNTurk, NTV, and Haberturk. I was also featured in biographies on TRT (Turkish public TV network) and on TGRT TV.