The End


I first want to thank everyone who has followed this blog and who has read or looked at any of the pictures. Additionally, I want to thank anyone that helped the NYUSILVER instagram to become so popular.

It seems fitting to post some clique pictures to end the year with. First, with a classic picture of Lower Manhattan from American Veterans Memorial Pier close to Bay Ridge and Fort Hamilton (I think?? – please let me know if I am wrong)



And am I allowed to include a empty pathway as a symbol of the road ahead? Is it too clique with graduation coming up?

I think not. And either way, it is posted anyway!



Again, Thank you to everyone who has helped with this blog. I hope it has been enjoyable to see a little glimpse into the life of a New York University Social Work Student who was new to New York City. Thanks everyone.

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East Harlem and Battery Park City

This is it. This is the last week of Internships for all Students. And this is a beautiful picture to remember East Harlem with as the trees bloom. Just a couple months ago, these trees were covered with snow and unnoticeable. It has been quite the journey from Brooklyn to Harlem three days a week but there are always parts of it (like these trees) that make you stop and be happy about the diversity in your commute.



Which is why I am including this picture also. Another way to show the extreme diversity of this city and all of the possible opportunities available. Also, this is one of my favorite parts of the city (I feel like I have said that many times throughout this blog). Either way, I hope you enjoy!


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UGH. I’m sorry to be posting about finals or midterms…again. It is all consuming. It is horrid. It is the worst. ……you don’t want to hear about it anymore. Especially because the worst part is my procrastination… Opps. Annnywaay… Here is a CLASSIC picture from the Library while reading and writing.

Shout out to Microsoft Word right there!



But alas, there is still time for fun and a little personal bike trip to Roosevelt Island. It’s got a great bike path around the whole island and you can either take the beautiful Roosevelt Island Tram (pictured in an earlier post) or bike over a bridge from Queens. image-1

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Warm enough to walk again

When I moved here in August 2013, I had made a list of all of the touristy things that I wanted to do. Slowly, as friends and family have visited, I have been able to knock most things off of my list. Walking the Brooklyn Bridge was one of the last things on the list and I have finally completed it.


There are so many different pictures of this bridge and so many different pictures that you can take. I think this happens to be the best picture that I took over the weekend. I hope you enjoy!

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Harlem and Play Therapy



Students are places all over the 5 boroughs of New York City in addition the New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut and more. However, Harlem is a common location, and consists of a large area north of Central Park. Certain pictures posted before have been around the area of 116th st on the east side of Harlem. This next picture was taken on the west side close to Powell and 125th st looking west towards New Jersey.



Also, because social work consists of many different roles and responsibilities, there is a diversity of work that you could be doing. Below is a picture from a previous play therapy session while doing play therapy counseling. Just a little incite to some of the possibilities of social work!

play therapy

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Moses and The High Line


We didn’t post all of our pictures from the High Line! Sorry about that!



Here are two more pictures of the beautiful park that is the High Line. This park runs through in the West Village and Chelsea just west of NYU’s campus. It used to be an old above ground train line, which has now turned into a beautiful park.



Additionally, we wanted to give a little shout-out to the Moses Center for students with disabilities at NYU! The Moses Center is located close to the student health center and the counseling center (in addition to other health services).


We hope you are having a great week!

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Spring Break Contest Winner


Congratulations to @bryan7007 for winning the @NYUSILVER instagram spring break picture contest! If you would like to check out the other pictures, search #nyusilverSB14! Thank you to all who submitted pictures! We appreciate it!


Also, read the caption that @bryan7007 posted under this picture. It definitely helped with the winning votes!



Lastly, we just wanted to show how NYC is trying to break out of the winter season! It’s rainy here but the weather is starting to get warmer. This picture was taken from the famous High Line looking east around 23rd st.

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Have a splendid day!

Spring Break!




What were you up to for spring break? Where did you go? Did you get away from the city and take a hike in the mountains?


Or did you venture a little farther and take a trip abroad?

Wherever you went, let us know! Even if you had a ‘stay-cation’ we hope it was wonderful.

Be safe!


Another Bike Ride


Red Hook is a part of Brooklyn most know for ….wait for it… IKEA…maybe? Well, yes, IKEA is in Red Hook. And I am guess that this is the reason why most people travel here. But there should be a couple other reasons (or stops) added to the list when traveling this way. This park shoots out of Red Hook and can see The statue of Liberty. It is beautiful. It also has a place next to it with authentic Key Lime Pie! So good! I think this picture shows just how many little parts of NYC there are to explore when you move here!

Thanks for reading!


A throw back


One of the greatest parts about pictures in the city are being able to look back through your pictures and realize just how big this place is. You can have THOUSANDS of pictures from NYC and have none of them look similar. I was scrolling through my old pictures recently and came across this picture. I don’t know how there are so many days of beautiful clouds, but there are. This was while riding the Staten Island Ferry and is of Lady Liberty!

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