NYU Applicants

Enrollment is open to undergraduates from

  • NYU Shanghai,
  • NYU New York,
  • NYU Abu Dhabi

Students’ university records will be reviewed. Students with a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale or higher or students who have an above average academic history are encouraged to apply. Students will need to have completed at least one year of full-time undergraduate study by the time they enroll in the program.

Non-NYU Applicants

Undergraduate students from other accredited universities (Including U.S. and Chinese Universities), Music Conservatories and Normal Universities are all welcomed to take this course.

Students from outside of the U.S. must submit a transcript from their institution in English and an official letter to verify their English proficiency. (TOEFL score > 100/ Interview with NYU admission officers)

Application Process

NYU students

  • Log into Albert
  • Select the tab “Other Resources”
  • Select “Application Center”
  • Find “Undergraduate – Short Term Study Away at NYU Shanghai”
  • Select ” “Apply” to create a new application
  • (Please be sure to apply for “Summer 2018”, “NYU Shanghai”, and “Summer Session I”).
  • Under Course preference, enter course title Creative Learning Design, Registration code¬†INTM-SHU 236A

Non-NYU students

Please click here to access the online application.

  • Sign-in as a new user
  • Start new application
  • Choose summer session I
  • Under Course preference, enter course title Creative Learning Design,¬†Registration code¬†INTM-SHU 236A
  • Fill up the form

Additional application materials must be submitted separately. A complete application includes the following:

  • Application Form (link to online form above)
  • Personal Statement (included within the online application)
  • Academic Transcripts*

*If your institution does not release official transcripts to students, then transcripts may be sent to the NYU Shanghai Global Affairs Office at shanghai.globalaffairs@nyu.edu. Please contact us for the address to send your transcript by mail. All transcripts must be in English. Also, please note that we do not require advisor approval or letters of recommendation for the summer program. An academic committee will review the application and select the students for the summer program.