I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Politics at New York University. My research interests lie in comparative politics, focusing on elections and candidate selection as well as social cohesion (with a regional specialization in Africa).

My dissertation examines the dynamics of legislative turnover and candidate selection in African elections, focusing on the intra-party stage of competition and its effects on political accountability. I combine cross-national and single-country analyses to explore three main lines of inquiry: (1) how candidate selection affects legislative turnover and shapes lines of accountability (cross-national), (2) how primaries affect selection into politics (Botswana), and (3) how the imposition of legislative candidates affects election outcomes (Zambia).

A second stream of micro-level research assesses the potential of grassroots interventions to improve inter-group relations in developing country contexts. Parts of this research have been supported by the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), and published in the American Political Science Review.

You can contact me at shana.warren@nyu.edu.