QClub seminar series brings together researchers in the NYC area to discuss their latest research and recent works on quantum physics, quantum phenomena, and quantum technology in an informal setting. Each talk is given by a student or postdoc and is aimed to build a research network among the younger generation and promote collaborations. The talks are open to everyone and location will alternate between NYU, Flatiron Institute and Columbia. If you have any questions regarding the seminar or like to nominate/volunteer a speaker, please contact us.
Javad Shabani, New York University
Sebastian Will, Columbia University
Martin Claassen, Flatiron Institute

Upcoming seminars

Previous seminars

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Lukas Muechler, Flatiron Institute
Title: “Topological Classification of Chemical Reactions”
Location: CCQ Flatiron Institute

2nd Joint Quantum Symposium, Columbia University April 18-19 (2019) (Program)

February 26, 2019
Joseph Yuan and Matthew Dartlialh, New York University
Title:Missing Shapiro steps in InAs-based Josephson junctions with epitaxial Al contacts
Location: Columbia University

January 29, 2019
Alexander S. McLeod, Columbia University
Title: “Low-temperature nano-imaging of polaritons and correlated electrons in quantum materials”
Location: Flatiron Institute

November 30, 2018
Martin Claassen, Flatiron Institute
Title: “Universal Optical Control of Chiral Superconductors and Majorana Modes”
Location: New York University

September 28, 2018
William Mayer, New York University

Title: “Superconducting proximity effect in two-dimensional semiconductor-superconductor structures”

Location: Columbia University

May 22, 2018
Hugo Strand, CCQ, Flatiron Institute
Title: “Mott insulators out-of-equilibrium”

Location: New York University


April 24, 2018
Alex Kerelsky, Columbia University
Title: “Intrinsic Long-Range Magnetism in Semiconducting Transition Metal Dichalcogenides”
Location: Flatiron Institute

1st Joint Quantum Symposium, New York University (Program)


March 22, 2018
Yonah Lemonik, New York University

Title: “Fluctuations in Transient Superfluids”

Location: Columbia University

January 31, 2018
Jia Li, Columbia University

Title: “Correlated states in graphene double-layer in the quantum Hall regime”
Location: New York University