Lecture Notes (Thanks to Yvonne):

Notes 1 (Intro and spin resonance)

Notes 2 (Symmetry and time independent perturbation theory)

symmetry chapter from the book

Lecture Notes (Thanks to Javan):

Notes 3 (Variational Principle)

Homeworks (Thanks to Dan for HW solutions)

HW1: Due on Thu Feb 21st (HW1) (Sol 1)

HW2: Bonus question (HW2B

HW2: Due on Thu Feb 28th (HW2) (Sol 2)

  • In class midterm Wed March 6th (11am-12:20pm)
  • 1st Midterm and solution (PDF)

HW3: Due on March 28th (HW3+HW3B) (Sol 3)

  • Recess: March 18-22

HW4: Due on April 4th (HW4+HW4B) (Sol 4)

HW5: Due on April 11th (HW5+HW5B) (Sol 5)

HW6: Due on April 18th (HW6) (Sol_6)

HW7: Due on May 9th (HW7) (Sol_7)

  • 2nd Midterm and solution (PDF
    Mon April 22nd (11am-12:20pm) CH 7.3.1, Ch 8, Ch 9.1
    (out of 110 points)
  • Special Lecture by Dr. Hormozi, Wed April 24th

Recitation Problems and Solutions (PDF)

Final 40% Midterm 30% Participation 10% HWs 20%.

Links related to lectures:

April 10th: Proof of minus H: (PDF)

“Can one hear the shape of a drum?” and Isospectral structures: