Shabani Lab


We aim to focus on the proximity effect induced at interfaces between superconductors and semiconductors (known as SN junctions), which can be tuned using electrostatic gates. Such systems can serve as platforms for a wide variety of applications from Josephson field effect circuits to superconducting qubits and topological quantum computing. Our group develops atomically-tailored materials using molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) to realize sharp SN junctions that will later become part of functional quantum devices using micro-/nano-fabrication techniques. Eventual characterization of those devices using low-temperature DC and RF measurements is used as the feedback for our materials growth processes. This cycle is continued until materials systems of perfect characteristics are grown for our specific applications.

Current Openings

Postdoctoral Associates

Shabani Lab is seeking candidates for two postdoctoral associate positions focused on growth, fabrication and characterization of quantum materials and devices. The successful candidates will participate in scholarly activities including experimental condensed matter physics research and mentoring graduate and undergraduate students. Ideal candidates should have a strong background in condensed matter physics and materials science with hands on experience in MBE materials growth, micro/nanofabrication and RF/DC low-temperature measurements. Interested applicants must submit a cover letter, CV and list of three references directly to Dr. Shabani.


Graduate Students

Shabani Lab has multiple openings for graduate students. If interested, please contact Dr.Shabani directly via e-mail.