Author of Going Online, just published by Routledge, Robert Ubell is Vice Dean Emeritus at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering. Applauding the book, Ralph Gomory, former president of the Sloan Foundation, remarked, “Ubell describes in detail how new technology allows us to use online learning in new ways that are both more participatory and more effective. These assertions come from someone with a remarkable track record of making learning actually happen.”

For nearly a decade, Ubell headed Tandon Online, ranked No. 2 by US News & World Report of the nation’s Computer Information Technology online graduate programs. Recipient of the highest honor given for individual achievement in digital education, the A. Frank Mayadas Leadership Award, Ubell is a fellow of the Online Learning Consortium. A member of New York State Board of Regents’ Online Learning Task Force, he serves on the Advisory Board of the Online Learning Journal. He is a member of McGraw-Hill Education’s Learning Science Research Advisory Board and a frequent contributor to Inside Higher Ed, EdSurge and IEEE Spectrum, among other publications. He is a juror for the McGraw Prize. Over his career, Ubell’s online programs have enrolled more than 30,000 students.

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