Jonathan Morales

Jonathan has been a Junior Researcher at RiskEcon® Lab since 2016, working on the Saycel research project, focusing on telecommunications infrastructure in developing regions. A former New York City College of Technology Student, majoring in Computer Systems Technology, he works on Puppet, Docker, and other mass deployment software to aid Saycel in its daily operations. The Saycel R&D project is part of the RiskEcon® Lab CEcADA external partnership initiative. Jonathan presented some of his research in cybersecurity at the inaugural InsurTech Science and Engineering Expo co-hosted by Numerati Partners and RiskEcon Lab in 2018.

Since 2001 Jonathan has been teaching himself as much as possible about IT, using sources ranging from Wikipedia, Youtube, forums, and Linux magazines. In the summer of 2013, he digested over 200 hours of computer build guides, before successfully building his first custom-built PC. While attending New York City College of Technology, he worked at Robofun, which offers after-school and summer camp programs for children. He started as a teacher’s assistant, and continued as Robofun’s IT Coordinator, focusing on keeping the company current in terms of technology, and solving the challenges of day-to-day IT needs. He also works with individuals and businesses, solving their IT challenges.